Evernote – A Note taking app for Windows Phone

The most popular note-taking services, Evernote – has finally created an app for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The new app features a stylish design that blows the iOS and Android Evernote offerings out of the water. Moreover it even sports a nifty note mapping feature not available on any other platform.

Evernote for Windows Phone


Features of  Evernote App.

It includes note-taking, saving and Facebook sharing features. Other features also include pictures, voice recordings and more – and you can get access to them on any platform with an Evernote app.


This new release enables users to create and edit notes and also allows to add multiple audio recordings, images to a single note. The  application also includes sophisticated search features and a maps interface for browsing notes by any location. This application provides Windows Phone 7 users with rich Evernote experience that their iPhone and Android friends could very well envy. The app looks more polished than any other mobile Evernote offering.

Panorama Interface and Map location feature – Unique to Windows Phone 7 platform

This new update for Windows Phone 7 takes advantage of the panorama interface which is unique to the Windows Phone 7 platform for an optimized experience. It includes four panorama panels: Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Recent notes. Each of the Panorama Screens has been designed for an optimal note-browsing experience.

Every screen on the Evernote app has a “application bar” which houses additional functionality. Just like previous Evernote apps, it lets you ease search on your notes — including text from images you have uploaded and these notes can be shared over Facebook or email.

This app also allows one to store location information in the notes and view them on a map. Doing so could help one to remember where you filed a particular note, since it serves as a way to leave digital breadcrumbs. Currently, this feature is not available in other Evernote apps mobiles.

You can download the app from Windows Phone 7 Marketplace or visit the official Evernote Website.

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