ESET Standalone Superfish Adware Cleaner available

ESET Security has released a free standalone Superfish adware removal tool for Windows users. If you recollect, Superfish was recently in the news, after it was found that this adware came pre-installed on Lenovo laptops.

Eset Superfish cleaner

ESET Superfish Cleaner Tool

The Superfish malware replaces the advertisements on the website which the user visits, and replaces them with new advertisements which possibly benefit Lenovo and Superfish. This raises security concerns, since, when it intercepts HTTPS encrypted webpage to replace its own ads, it creates a mix of secure and insecure content, laying open the path for other hackers to potentially carry out its own attacks.

Soon thereafter, after issuing a statement and expressing regret about it, Lenovo posted instructions about how to manually remove Superfish, and subsequently also released a SuperFish Removal Tool.

Eset Superfish Cleaner is a small 166KB sized portable tool, that instantly tells you if you have Superfish installed on your Windows PC, and if found efficiently removes the Win32/Adware.SuperFish malware completely. If you bought a Lenovo laptop recently, you an also first check online if you have Superfish malware installed on it. If you do find something, you definitely want to remove it asap.

Click here to download Eset Superfish Cleaner from their official website. The scan will run as soon as you start the tool. To exit, press any key.

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