ESET Social Media Scanner: Keeps Facebook wall, news feed & private messages always clean

We have mentioned here more than once that the next wave of malware to infect you may well be from the social networking sites. While it’s a good idea to follow safe Facebook login practices,  one can never be too safe on social sites. It is for these purposes that one must harden Facebook security settings too.

ESET Social Media Scanner

Eset has made available for free, to all Facebook users, an app called ESET Social Media Scanner that will scan your Facebook settings, wall posts, etc. and check your Facebook profile for infected or suspicious content. You can also check your friends‘ walls for potentially dangerous links – and receive a notification when a suspicious object is found so that no one in your circle of friends falls victim.

You will have to login with your Facebook credentials and decide if you want ESET Social Media Scanner to post on your behalf, and if so its visibility level. You will also have to decide if you want to allow the app access to access messages and News Feed posts. This is required for effective scanning.

Once you have set it up, click on the Run Profile Scan button and wait.

eset-fb-1Once the scan is completed you will be presented with a list of infected or suspicious objects.

ESET Social Media Scanner

Click on the “!” sign to get the details. The suspicious objects will be listed.


The ESET Social Media Scanner will make sure that the content of your wall, news feed and private messages are always clean – even when you are not logged in! If an infection is found, you are notified by email and can take immediate action.

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