Error 80040902 and 80082F30 in Windows Phone Mail app

Although, Windows Phone accepts any other email accounts, yet at times, you can get some Update or Email Account Activation error, etc. Among all of them, two of the most common errors are error 80040902 and 80082F30 in the Mail app.

When you add any other email ID (excluding Outlook/Hotmail/Live) using “App Only” password (& selecting a specific account type i.e. Yahoo, Gmail etc.), you can get this problem. It occurs because the Mail app cannot update the included email account. In such cases, you end up receiving these errors whenever you will go to update your email account.

Windows Phone Mail app errors 80040902 and 80082F30

Windows Phone Mail app errors 80040902 and 80082F30

Although, it shows Internet connection related problem as a possible reason, yet, you can get the same even when you are having a valid internet connection. Therefore, if you are suffering from a similar problem, here is a solution. You just need to remove the email account and re-add it using Advanced Setup.

To remove any email account in Windows Phone, do follow these steps. Go to Settings and open email + accounts. Here you can find all added email ID. Just tap and hold on the email ID to select delete button.

Fix Error 80040902 and 80082F30 in Windows Phone 8.1-3

After removing the existing email, do follow these steps to add that using advanced setup. But, before that, you need to create an “app only” password in your email account.

In this example, I am going to use Yahoo mail, but you can do the same to add any other email account. To create an “App only” password, open your Yahoo mail account, go to Account Info, enter your log in credential, go to Account Security, click on Manage app passwords and create one for this purpose.

Now, go to Settings of your Windows Phone and open email + accounts option. Therefore, tap on add an account.

Here, you will get all the types of accounts that you can add in your Windows Phone. Just scroll down to the bottom and select advanced setup and Internet email.

Fix Error 80040902 and 80082F30 in Windows Phone 8.1-2

Now, enter email ID and the “App Only” password that you have created earlier. On the next screen, enter account name, your name, incoming email server, account type, username, password, outgoing email server etc.

For Yahoo Mail, enter these details,

  • Incoming email server:
  • Account type: IMAP
  • Outgoing email server:

If you want to add Google Mail, you can find all the details at here.

After adding your email ID using this method, there should not be any problem.

Important Note:

Fix Error 80040902 and 80082F30 in Windows Phone 8.1-4

You may be confused since “app only password creates problem” is mentioned and later the solution contains the same type of password. But, you should know that if you have used app only password and specific email type (Google Mail, Yahoo, etc.) on Windows Phone while adding the email account, you will get these errors. However, the solution of this problem is advanced setup – not any specific email type that Windows Phone chooses automatically.

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