End of Sale of Windows XP Home for Netbooks – But hey, get an XP license here for free!


  1. I still need XP for my old machine for my family. They only do like surfing, making school reports, and playing online games (sometimes most compatible with XP). I think my old machine is enough for them and I have no plan to upgrade until the support of XP will vanish.

    I will lean my money for buying a laptop to be used in my personal and work related task.

    Thank you…

  2. the reason why i need a xp license? simply because my old laptop cannot run 7 or vista, and i also have a kind of karaoke soft that can only run on xp (even try it in xp mode in win 7 but no good, but i love karaoke so…)

  3. I really need this licence part because I have some really good old programs I need to run via compatibility mode… But the most important reason is that I want my children to experience what is was like to use a personal computer in the 2000’s !
    This OS has its place in the history of computers !
    I could have bribe you with some fake used Lady Gaga underwear but alas I already sent them to an American client based in the Japanese city of Hokkaid? !
    See ya !

  4. Windows XP is an awsome piece of software, i am awsome, and that is way i must have that licence.

    Thanks TWC!

  5. Windows 7 features some exceptional eye candy — Windows Aero, Aero Flip 3D, live taskbar thumbnails, and smoother desktop animations. But does all that make you more productive or make life better at the keyboard?

    For many people, the answer is clearly no. So they’re staying with XP

  6. The reason why I like to have the Windows XP license is just as simple as that I never have license software in my system so maybe this is an opportunity or timing for me to start using the license software from now on ^_^

    Thank you!!

  7. I would love to have a license for XP Pro, Being a collector of software I have an unopened box of Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Me, 2000, Vista and Windows 7 however my collection lacks Windows XP. It would be a great addition to my collection. Awesome job Guys.

  8. Hi

    i want windows xp because i want to do vulnerability assessment on it and move ahead while learning.

  9. what new i can say. you are the expert yourself, you know why we still love xp. this is the OS which revolutionize the windows world. XP is the most compatible OS till date. Its fast, reliable , compatible ,easy, good interface and most important its run on old pc. I have 2 pc and 1 had old configuration so i cant run Windows 7 on it. so i have to use XP on it. I simply love XP. so if i get license for xp. then i can run my old machine which i can give to my MOTHER. thats all.

  10. I have a ton of games that refuse to run on anything beyond XP and my old laptop that I bought right when Vista came out would most likely function much better with XP. Hope I win- I NEED to play Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 again!

  11. I am building a media center from an old athlon pc and still find xp to be stable, and with so much security software available, very secure. it has svideo and drivers worked great, so i am sure that it would be easier than trying to get linux to work.

  12. Like everyone else, my request has to do with old PCs. In my case, I take donated PCs and refurbish them for people. Frequently, the old PC came with XP but the owner lost the key and the PC will not boot. Since the PCs are donated, I never charge for me services. Recently, I gave PCs to a single mother with two kids and two PCs to a battered-women’s sheleter. I’ll take all the licenses I can get. Thanks.

  13. I want XP because I love the ‘Windows Classic’ look. Okay okay. I can use ‘Windows classic’ looks in XP too. But, XP is where the Windows Classic look suits the best :D

    Give me XP. I’ll use it beside my ubuntu.

  14. XP is still a great operating system, fast, simple and a great leap for Microsoft at that time in Computing history. Gimme Dat XP anyday

  15. I am an oldie myself (over 65 now) and it is my dream to build a new machine which will be equipped with XP, so it will be really fast with lots of capacity and I can use all the programs on it, from FoxPro 2.6 (which I use for placenames) to Facebook. Would be great.

  16. The mankind is making fast progress in every field. Everything is changing continiously, but CLASSICS always remains unchangeable. Windows XP is the best operating system ever known. I am using it, and I am very happy. In my country it is impossible to get genuine windows , because it is very poor and I am very poor too. I am a refugee, and I have money to buy an expensive opearting system as , for example, windows 7. I’ ll be very , very happy to get genuine windows Xp …..

  17. LOL! This is great. Win XP pro is one of the best Microsoft’s OS, it’s stable, user friendly, faster booting rate, compatibly with most of the software and hardware. It is the only Xp version that can join the domain, as you can see because of these and few others, Microsoft included XP mode in its win 7 and also it has extended its support until 2015.

    I’ll definitely celebrate if I win the license.

  18. I would love to receive the XP retail licence because that way I can install it for free on another computer which we, the Charity Institution I work for, can send to a third-world land where they need our help VERY much. The computers we repair are used for the education of small children to give them hope for a better future in a better world. (sorry about my bad english, it is not my native language)

  19. if at all i can have one here , then i will be really happy as it will be geninune and one of the best os by MS till date. of course i love seven but i love xp much better.as i have computer only few months now, i was offered vis ta with my lappie but after that i upgraded to seven hence did not get the chance to have xp but if at all one day i have to use it i may like to use a geninune one so please consider me

  20. I would love to receive the XP retail licence because that way I can install it for free on another computer which we, the Charity Institution I work for, can send to a third-world land where they need our help VERY much. The old computers we repair are used for the education of small children to give them hope for a better future in a better world. Most old computers we receive are from companies who buy new ones and you can imagine they do not work on newer OS (like for example Vista). I work for free in my free time for this company and try to help them as much as I can by repairing the computers with 2nd hand stuff but operating systems unfortunately aren’t for sale 2nd hand… (sorry about my bad english, it is not my native language)

  21. my brother just got married and he is using an old laptop where only XP runs smoothly . We tried vista and it freezes

  22. As some have stated I would love to have this giveaway for the simple reason I think it is the best OS going . I have many programs that’s not updated for anything else. My pc is several years old and it would be great to have this Version of Windows to install in a new one. I have XP now but it is Media Center which I wished it was just the XP version. Thanks again for this opportunity.

  23. I need a license simply because my mother’s laptop is just sitting there without any OS installed. It came with a partition dedicated for recovery (and no installation DVD) but for some reason the partition disappeared a couple of years ago, making the laptop useless.

    Good luck to me and thanks Windows Club for the offer!

  24. Hi..:)
    Thanks for giving the opportunity to win a license of windows xp professional. I would appreciate if you could count me in. I would like to win for the following reason:
    My family PC is using Vista home basic as OS. It was running smoothly until it got a crash problem. I don’t know why the computer suddenly crashes often although all the hardware and software are said to work with Vista and the computers are all well maintained. Sometimes even get a blue screen of death. The system restore does not work at all on my Vista machine. Therefore I want to downgrade the machine into XP.

  25. Windows XP is the popular OS all time. Even though vista and 7 has been installed in many desktop & notebooks, XP still the best. Why do we need desktop aero and some other features that ask u every time u wish to do with our OWN computer. such graphics only slow my computer especially if running on 1GB of RAM or less. To me, Windows XP is the best personal computer ever. The interface is known to everyone. People rather use XP than vista or 7 as the XP is like a legend OS since 2001. Most productivity software such as Autocad, Live Wire, 8085 simulator best work in windows XP. Sometimes downgrading to the older version is the best when we consider about compatibility running old software and games. With this genuine XP license, it will be easier for me to not only increase my productivity in engineering but also zero worries about incompatible games to release my tension at work.

  26. Hi, I would like the free license because i have an old PC that wont run anything else. It will allow me to stop playing around with dodgy hacks to stop the “none genuine” warnings appearing all the time. Oh yes, and this site rocks. By saying that I think I now deserve that license :)

  27. hi thanks for this giveaway, my reasons :
    xp need less resources to play games on,specially ram.
    some of my hardware doesn’t have drivers for win 7.
    some old apps need it too.
    however xp theme isn’t shiny but i feel more comfortable with it.

  28. I’d love a copy of Windows XP Pro because I lost a copy of it and went with windows Vista and realized I was so use to XP that I couldn’t stand Vista. However buying a copy of XP after spending my money on Vista was a little too much for my bank account to handle. maybe in another 2 or 3 months I can get it if I can find it.

  29. Hi author of topic.
    I am office employee. I would like to have a lisence of windown xp professional because I am using this operating system, and I am used to working with tools and interface of windown xp. I feel that it is easy to use, and cost cpu usage less than vista or windown 7. Thus, at this time I can not afford to buy a lisence of new system. I always support for lisence genuine policy, and i am very happy when i get it.

  30. I need it to update an old Sony VIAO slimline that shipped with Windows ME and really needs to be update to XP because ME is totally unstable now. Then he can surf and do his homework (Shool starts again next week) without yelling about another BSOD or system lockup! On a positive note, all the problems have made helped him develop real tech skills! If I am luck enough to get a copy, I am going to have him do the installations as a learning experience.

  31. hi,windows xp one of the best os i have ever seen.
    I having a laptop with windows 7. But it doesn’t supports some softwares.so thinking to keep duel os.so i want xp .
    thank you

  32. XP so far is the most reliable/acceptable Windows MS ever had. It’s so easy/simple to operate and even old machine can manage.
    Vista/Windows 7 are new but when we need practically OS, XP is the 1st chroice.
    Please count me in for XP Pro license contest.

  33. many thanks for this giveaway.
    I need a xp license becacuse I want to use it with a legal license and my pc’s power not enough for vista and windows7. My current xp has not a legal license and dont get updates so my applications wont run regularly and my files get virus quickly. I hope i win.

  34. It would be great to get windows xp pro this would then allow me to make a dual boot system with my vista.which would also put me in a position to get rid of vista if i wanted to.
    Thank you.

  35. Who said WinXP is dead . Its still alive and no. 1 competitor of Win7 around the globe. I know some people using xp to earn their livings . Its compatible to almost all hardwares in the market. Its better than Win7 in some ways. Remember OLD IS GOLD and i want it to downgrade my vista ultimate.

  36. XP is faster than win7 on my computer. 7 is more stable, but I like XP, as well as I had liked win98 and if there were drivers for 98 I would still use it.

  37. Hi,
    We have 3 computers in our house and I cannot use windows 7 on any of them including my 2.8Ghz Pentuim 4 laptop (10+ yrs oldfrom Evesham Tech. Both me and my partner and disabled and have 5 children and a granddaughter in our home. Both the other PC’s are around 10+ years olds and the hard drive has just give up the ghost on one of the kids PC’s and it looks like the baby has pulled the XP key from the side of nthe PC and even though I purchased a hard drive, XP cannot be installed without it.

    This has caused massive arguements, as the kids are having to share 1 PC. Winning this would allow me to keep the PC running and give me and the wife a quieter life.


  38. I need Win XP because I have just about decided it is time to upgrade the Win 98 box.

  39. definitely i want Windows XP for my old pc that i usually use everyday, which is i dont know if i can upgrade it so that i can use Windows 7,
    but for my life status now, i think i can’t bought an upgrade, so I’ll stick to XP
    which runs smoothly in my PC…
    hope i can have a genuine xp this time..

  40. I’m doing Win XP but I’m not key. Please share to me a key. Please…Thanks you very much!

  41. 104 months certainly seems a lot shorter than 9 years. i remember making the leap from Win 98 to XP….quite amazing.

    recently a friend gave me an old laptop barely running windows me on it. i work as a musician (piano/hammond B3) and sometimes on solo gigs i am required to work with midi tracks that provide additional musical background. it would be great to be able to use the old computer just for my music and not have to take my new laptop out to work. i do have an OEM version of XP from an earlier computer but ethically i do not feel good about using it.

    anyways, thanks for the opportunity to get a legal copy of XP Pro and thanks for the great site. every week i find some neat stuff that i can use….harris

  42. i need this window xp bcoz my pc doesn’t hve graphic card so tht i use window 7. and can’nt upgrade any slot for graphic card to upgrade thts y i can’;nt install the lstest window .

  43. Hi thanks for the interesting giveaway. I’m using XP sp2 from past 6 years. I have started learning my computer knowledge with this Xp. I am a student my computer configuration is not good. So I can’t use vista or windows 7. Also they have high Price. So I’m stick with my old good fellas win xp. Also I will stick in feature too. Old is Gold :). If you consider me for the legal copy of xp it will be great :). Please consider me in for the giveaway. Best Regards.

  44. Xp is simple and cool there for i want to have a licence…and i dont understand why they want build more…
    I have win7 licensed but i don’t like win7…

  45. Great Giveaway Sir.

    -I like Windows XP because I used it for 3 years and also it is the highest used OS in the world.
    -It is very easy to find support locally and globally(using forums and other sources) for this OS.
    -It takes Least resources and is very customizeable compared to Vista and 7.
    -It is the Only supported OS from MS which can run Smoothly even in very old Hardware(used it on a 800Mhz PIII with 128MB RAM).

    Lastly it is still loved by many and will be loved even if the support ends at April 2014.

  46. i want get license of windows xp professional ,
    i have windows xp since 5 years ago…..
    from sp1 , sp2 , and sp3 ….
    now i still have windows xp , because windows xp more simple and easy to use than other windows OS
    and many software are compatible with windows xp
    many thanks if you give me license key windows xp professional.
    and sorry for my english

  47. Have been using Win XP Home ever since it came out, love this version.took me awhile to get used to it after Win2000. Tried Vista for a week and rushed back to XP.
    Would very much like to get an XP pro license seing my PC is quite old and time being cant afford a new PC to run Win7.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  48. I’ve been running windows 7 for quite some time now and most of the games I love to play haven’t been playing as smoothly as I would have liked them too. This was an older computer with xp originally but since then I have upgraded to windows 7 and unfortunately have lost the xp install disk. :(
    An xp system to dual boot with my windows 7 would greatly increase the gaming performance especially with a recent upgrade of my memory up to 2GB. It also seems to the system that is compatible with this old scanner of mine.

  49. I learned & started my career with XP. So I want another License for XP.
    I am attached to XP sentimentally.

  50. Because I need it to format my hard drive so I can install Ubuntu, I have an old PC with OS that doesn’t have A-V and guess what – It’s Windows 2000.
    Of course it’s not my default PC :D
    Btw. I tried formating with Ubuntu CD but it wasn’t complete.
    Cheers ;)

  51. I really want to get it for my old machine to reborn.
    manufacture did not provide me a recovery disk a reason for too old.
    It’s best OS for me all the time.

  52. XP is longest life MS OS,it was praised by all users that it is the best at all up to the present moment. Actually MS would have been stopped supports to XP in earlier stage but requests kept on asking to extend.
    I read from my XP registry that SP4 was already existed in XP & may be it would come real like the Win2K did. Althoug MS announced to stop supports to SP2,when we upgrade to SP3 & everything will go fine. Certainly we cannot resist new trends of OS Vista/Win7 or Win8 afterwards, XP still the practical Windows for practical computer users. It’s lucky that as a whole all latest softwares still with XP supports majority.
    I’m still confident with XP & please count me in for the giveway.

  53. Hi thanks for this amazing Giveaway.
    Why i would like to have Win XP Pro ?
    Its easy because Windows XP is stillthe best system,its running great on old machines( like mine )and i stil have on second PC Windows 2000.Windows XP is the god of all operating systems.I know that there is Windows 7 but ist really havey for old PCs.I need Something light,my PC has only 512 MB ram :( . It will be graeat i win 1 license.Windows xp is simple and easy to use.


    Have a nice Day

    Good luck to all :)

  54. Seven is surely the best OS, but there aren’t drivers for ALL hardware, such webcam, old printer, wi-fi PCI card – that I need to use.

  55. Windows XP Pro as far is the most stable Windows and working for so long time
    one knows every tricks and traps.

  56. i hav a 90 years old grandpa who likes to play majohn on his desktop. unfortunatly, his old computer is broken. now he can’t play his majohn(only runs on WinXP). everytime he dressed up in a pirate suit i always make the “XP” face. it’s a “no” in that situation. so after i told him this chance for getting an xp for free, he said, ” heyy grandson!! go win-xp from the website. so now i’m here telling my reason and goin to win-xp.

    p.s. my whole family is goin to make the “XP” face until this program ends to show the sincerity

  57. Just i want Windows XP Key. Reasons are, It simply good means, i can make any peak changes to it by improving my computer Knowledge. Like i feel, i know everything about XP. As i say, routine, some old good programs are running very much in XP only as i observed, mostly games. and also, routine, it wants less hardware support compare to my money budget, others also. Like this way, by thinking, so much reasons are there. but you knew all about these. Its ok.

  58. Here in Iran less than 1% use legall software. I want Xp license so I can giveitaway for friends or who has old pc. But why I get from you and giveitaway? Because I made a weblog for iranian about copyright. I wrote about giveaways and how they can use legall software without paying money or other posts about copyright. with giving away OS’s they can start using legal software. because every one’s work on a pc’s base is OS and they use windows.

  59. i like play games on my pc and i have many games that compatible with xp os
    if i want to surf internet or using programes i will use windows 7 but
    when we talke about games! the xp comes first:)
    count me in;)
    thanks alot

  60. Windows Xp is fast and easy to use. The most important thing is It does not use so much space as WindowsVista and Windows 7.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  61. I used DOS, 95, 98, Millennium, XP, Vista & 7. But in my experience “world greatest OS is windows XP. Now I use windows 7 ultimate 32bit & windows XP professional sp2 as a dual boot. Yesterday I was downloaded “Microsoft.Windows.XP.Professional.SP3.Integrated.August.2010.Corporate.Unattended-UPGRAYEDD”. I like to take change.
    XP is a gaming os. Because it is support any game & we can feel gaming experience well.
    In other side XP is best for office usage. Because it can use simply & easy for low level computer educationists.
    I saw a main problem in windows 7 it was use in medium performer computer. It is windows7 OS folders hasn’t “Thumb” files. SO RAM waste more & hard disk free space going out to “Image Preview Thumbs”.
    XP can run minimum 128MB RAM, 2.30 GB Hard Disk Space so nothing to talk It’s a grate. I still in 5 years with XP SP1, SP2, SP3. I think SP2 is good.
    I can run any program smoothly in XP. in my experience in windows XP sound, appearance, drivers detective system security system, networking & Internet & related services are best.
    In after coming vista I used it. It not completely perfect OS. Always coming error messages, stuck & run slowly. Then I move back XP. But coming Windows 7 it installed it. Works grade. But it use minimum completely 512MB RAM, 95MB Video Memory (in 128MB VGA), more than 7GB hard space. But OS is perfect. So I installed again XP. Now I still in XP. I & my friends now still in Windows Xp & 7.
    SO why we move to other OS???????????
    I’m Sri Lankan so PLZ excuse my English literacy.

    Hey I want a genuine retail license of Windows XP Professional Edition.
    Keep going…………………..
    Nice work

  62. Stary komputer mia?em przez 12 lat z systemem Win XP nie mia?em z tym systemem ?adnych problemów, kiedy pojawi? si? system Win 7 z nowym komputerem pojawi?y si? problemy z klkoma programami, które potrzebuj? tryb zgodno?ci, ale to praktycznie nic nie pomaga. Windows Xp przyfa?by mi si? poniewa? szkoda mi wyrzuca? moje ulubione programy, które chodz? pod Xp a nie chodz? pod 7.

  63. I like to have a free licence because I have one installed on my old laptop, but in good condition ! You make me happy with it ! thanks !

  64. I’m currently writing my diploma thesis and i work on a computer using Windows Vista (on my univercity’s lab). Unfortunately the software i run is not compatible with WinVista and i had to fiddle a lot with it’s parameters… In the end the most easy solution is to install a pirate version of XP in a VM and run the program through there… which wasn’t easy also because of the licencing methods strictly forbids the software to install in a not declared network card (the activation method is done with the card’s mac address… FlexLM if you heard)…

    So a legitimate copy of XP would allow me to install the OS normally without any legal issues to the campus…

    Thank you

  65. What can one say about Windows XP?
    I have been using Windows since the days of Windows 3.1 and all variations since then. There has been a couple of versions that I tried briefly and then reverted backwards to previous version(s) namely ME (to 98se)& Vista (to XP Home). Throughout all previous versions XP stood head and shoulders above the rest, and no, I am not blind to failings. Once Windows 7 was released I managed to get it and when I do a comparison between that and XP I still think XP beats 7 hands down. Take the bells and whistles away from 7 and you have an OS that still tries to cosset the user. With XP you had\have the control in your hands. The home edition has limitation but if you have the Professional version then you have total control.

    At present I run a dual boot system with XP (Home) & 7 but my main OS is still XP even though the majority of my software works with 7. XP is by far the best OS Microsoft has ever released to date. For this reason I would like to win this key, as this would enable me to once again have total control over my OS.

  66. I always believe using windows XP, because it is stable and compatible with many software I use for work. I need a license to use.
    Thank you!

  67. I have an old laptop with Windows XP Home Edition which lacks nay interesting but necessary features and it is not capable of running Vista or 7. That is why I need a license of Windows XP Professional. Request you to add me in the giveaway.

  68. Microsoft Windows XP is my love. 9 years doesn’t matter, love grows by time and i still love Windows XP as i do for Windows 7.

    I need a license! :)

  69. even now I need Windows XP because of my past very good eXPerience Points (XP:eXPerience Points) where, I had Cross-Platform (XP:Cross-Platform), with Xeon Processor(XP:Xeon Processor) in which I was doing Extreme Programming (XP:Extreme Programming) installed with Expansion Pack(XP:Expansion Pack) and writing many Extended Stored Procedures Listening to music with Extended Play(XP:Extended Play)

  70. Windows 7 features some exceptional eye candy — Windows Aero, Aero Flip 3D, live taskbar thumbnails, and smoother desktop animations. But does all that make you more productive or make life better at the keyboard?

    For many people, the answer is clearly no. So they’re staying with XP!!!

  71. Windows seven features some exceptional eye candy — Windows Aero, Aero 3D, live taskbar thumbnails, and smoother desktop animations. But does all that make you more productive or make life better at the keyboard?
    For people, the answer is clearly no. So they’re staying with XP!!!

  72. Well basically i need an XP license for an old PC i have as my kids would be able to use it but at the moment its sat their will the trial version run out.

  73. Hi The Windows Club

    I would like to enter your amazing contest for Windows XP Pro.
    Why is it so amazing?
    Because this is the BEST OS from Microsoft so far.
    I think that Vista is broken, a failure like Windows ME. Not many will argue against that. And since 7 is build on Vista, it is still broken.
    Building on top of something that is broken, still makes it broken.
    2 wrongs doesn’t make a right.
    Yes, the newer ones look more fancy than XP and I think that it should evolve, but the requirements is sky high compared to XP.
    Then there is the backwards compability issue. A long the way Microsoft found out it wasn’t good enough in Vista so they introduced a virtual machine to run XP inside of 7.
    So now the requirements went even higher, not only does the system have to feed 7 but also XP. That is not an intelligent solution.
    It is no wonder that companies hesitate to make the shift to 7.
    Besides, XP have been tested for so many years now, that I think it is actually quite stable and safe.

    I’m just hoping that windows 8 would be like XP version 2 (perhaps XXP), then even I would change my OS.

    Thank you for letting me participate and best of luck to all.

  74. Like XP I am reaching the end of my shelf life.
    No amount of tweaking or tinkering is ever going to improve us much beyond where we are now.
    There has to come a day when whatever shortcomings we have we are stuck with for as long as we last.
    There are a lot of new kids around who do things differently, although that does not mean to say better.
    It’s like an old pair of slippers, they may not be much to look at but when you put them on they are comfortable and do what you expect them to do.
    XP, like me, like that old pair of slippers, will most likely keep going for a long time to come and still be able to do what we need to do even if we appear ever slower to those around us.
    Just because a developer/society decides that we no longer have anything to offer does not make it so.

    Why do I want this license for XP?
    Because I would look after it, I would give it a good home.
    We would be good companions for each other until one or both of us finally pegs out.

  75. the reason I still want this OS:

    still more support gaming, although Windows 7 also support but my computer can not upgrade to Windows 7

    I’m already in love with this os :)

  76. yes, it’s a 9 year old operating system, but it has always given me a lot of fun! I like it and, as someone said:

    Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese!!!!

  77. I like this operating system, this is my favorite!
    – small; compatible; simple;

    The reason to change my OS:
    currently I am using MS Vista, and I am really angry about that!

  78. I would like to have it so that I can make a BartsPE disk, and help save the world from viruses.

  79. My wife was given a laptop without any disks, which means if her hard drive crashes I will have to replace it with it another OS. Windows 7 won’t run on it and I can’t purchase XP. Installing another OS is out of the question because she really love using XP. It took me a long time to get her to start using her laptop and now she can’t do without it. Help me save my marriage by giving me that license!! Because you know when you least expect it your computer will crash!! Please donate that license to save a marriage foundation. :)

  80. Please count me in because… looking through its ‘windows’ was really love at first sight!

  81. i am a software developer ,i need windows xp key
    really much
    as i want to download some good developer software software from microsoft
    which require validation .

    please include me.


  83. I’ve been running DOS since 1990. I think it may be time for a newer upgrade. I can’t afford Windows and a new computer, so….. I could really use the license.

  84. I got my first original Windows XP Professional ENG on a street sale in Guadalajara, Mexico in the “Baratillo”, at the awesome price of $3.85915 Dollars ($50 pesos), box in perfect shape and with the covering plastic.

    Some old lady was selling random stuff and I think she didn`t know what was that piece of light-weight blue box.

    Now after many reformats the key will not work, not even on telephone activation and I want to extend the legacy of this awesome PC (Amd3200+, Radeon9250, 1GB Ram) with original software, or hell even install it on a new netbook I want to purchase that comes with Windows 7 Starter.

    Regards, Mopeto

  85. I like Windows XP, but now I have only Windows 7 license. I would like to use XP on my Laptop, because it doesn’t neen a lot of RAM.
    Count me too, please! Thank you in advance.

  86. I’m one of the loyal users of this 9 year old OS on a 7 year old PC. I never had more than one PC at a time. I never wished to move on to Vista.
    I first “met” Win XP when I bought a new PC in 2003 which came with OEM Win XP Home. Little did I know then about the limitations of Home Edition and even less about the ones of an OEM license. Little by little they all revealed to me. Ever since, I never stopped wishing I had Win XP Pro, preferable a retail license to use on any PC I’d buy later.
    Here’s my story.
    Jul. 2005: RAM goes badly, so I changed it. First routine format and reinstall. I had to go for phone activation (which doesn’t operate over weekends) and answer all kind of lame questions.
    Aug. 2007: Got fired, so no new PC (Win XP Pro) as wished/ planned. Went into free-lancing and experienced Win XP Home limitations to its full.
    Aug. 2008: Mobo and Video Card die on me. I had to replace them instead of getting new PC (still Win XP Pro) as business suffers from economic crisis. I again had to go for phone activation (same routine).
    Dec. 2009: Increased RAM to revive PC.
    Apr. 2010: OS acts funny; repair locks me out of my own PC. Format and reinstall. Once again I’m in for the phone activation routine.
    Aug. 2010: HDD starts to die on me. I’ll soon have to replace it as business hasn’t gotten any better and a new PC is out of the question. I’ll once more have to get the phone activation. Will it work? But most importantly, will it work until Apr. 2014?

    Win 7 is supposed to be good but, besides its cost being way out of my league, I’ll consider it only when Win XP is no longer supported.

    Bottom line, I’d like to keep enjoying the most reliable Win OS I’ve ever tried, liberated from the limitations and whims of my current license.

  87. Pure and simple, XP is the most reliable, the most versatile, and fits like an old pair of slippers. period. Please count me in.

  88. im a gamer and my computer is a laptop running win 7 upgraded from vista
    all the fancy graphical effects slow it down alot

  89. I have just recently bought a new computer with Win 7 Home Premium and used the migration utility successfully (or nearly so) and now find that about 12 Mb of compiled geophysical data processing software (written by me in Basic and Fortran) is now useless. I would very much like to have it run under Win 7 but so far to no avail, even though the Compatibility Wizard assures me that it will support XP mode. The only reason for the change of hardware is to replace some failing (or intermittent) subsections on the circa 2005 Motherboard which are more expensive to replace than to fix.

    The pretty new GUI for Win 7 is really quite good; intuitive and better in fact than in any earlier Windows incarnation. But I’d rather have the simple Windows Classic interface in a system that runs all my software quickly and seamlessly. Therefore my choice would be a retrograde step to replace the Win 7 with the tried and true Win XP.

  90. I need the XP Pro key because… ‘K, wait. I’m thinking. I _have_ 18 _unused_ WinXPPro keys now (10 32-bit, 8 64-bit). The only keys I’m using now are in VMs anyway, so where would I install XP Pro on a physical machine? Heck, I’m not even using the crippled XP Mode available in Win 7 Pro and above.

    Hmmm, thinking on that one. I’d have to wipe a Linux or BSD machine, or dual boot one of ’em. Oh, I know, for that lil server I have planned? Nope. Either one of my Server 2008 keys or Windows Home Server keys will do the trick there, if I decide not to just make it a Linux based server.

    (Need fully licensed Windows OSes and software for personal use? TechNet subscriptions are da bomb!)

    No, better give it to someone else. I have no real need for it. Besides, I never thought Win XP was all the hot anyway. It was certainly not as useful to me as Win2KPro. I skipped XP on my personal machines entirely, opting for various Linux distros when I needed more than I could squeeze out of 2KPro. I _did_ enjoy fixing all the problems XP caused users over the years, though. *cha-ching!*

  91. @ryan: disable the eye candy if you find it causes slower gaming. Easy-peasy. Disable aero by right-clicking on the desktop>personalize>Windows7 Basic. Bob’s your uncle.

    My son’s a gamer and hasn’t noticed any real problems with the eye candy in Win7, but then his 17″ quad core notebook w/8GB of DDR3, standalone 1GB of DDR3 video, etc., is fairly nice for a notebook gaming rig. Cost about 4X what my lil 15.6″ “business class” notebook did, but then I don’t “do” gaming.

  92. I want something that works. I’m using Win7 64 bit, but it has a couple of bugs in it. Sitting beside me is a laptop with W98se. If it gets dropped or stolen I’ll shed two tears and move on. The license alone is nice, but how am I going to install WinXP Home? Are you guys going to let us download an ISO image?

  93. Hi Abhishek, thanks for the giveaway.

    I do not have a genuine XP, so having this serial I could be tension free of not using the other ways to get regular updates from MS. My system doesn’t supports Win-7, so the best i could have is XP.

    Please count me in.

    Thanks, Grr

  94. Abhishek, this a wonderful giveaway. I live in a 3rd world country where there’s almost impossible to find genuine windows licenses here. So if I can get the original license that would be a pride for me!

  95. Hai Abhishek,

    Well XP is eXPerience and I need it to Xperience, Because I am an eXPerienced Person.

  96. Well what can i say i have two destop computers and a laptop that has vista that i want to rip off as im sick of vista i wan’t install xp pro on it i all ready have the drivers for xp pro it wood be great to win a key.

  97. Probably still more 60% of computers are with Windows XP & most of users love XP too much. Personally I am XP fans though I got Win7 machines.
    We actually don’t want Microsoft to take XP away, the real story is that people still love their Windows XP no matter what Microsoft does or say about Vista or Windows 7 which still imcompatibility with most old hardwares & softwares.
    Please count me in for the XP Pro contest.

  98. First of all, though with limited privileges as the best operating system can, using special tools which I also possess, in many parts dismembered and made very small. And ‘useless to have an operating system suitable for all. It would be better to install only the bare essentials and eliminate the rest. With XP you can, maybe you could improve with sp4 uninstall the unofficial support to areas in which a player, a designer, or anyone would find useful a small compact operating system without that absolutely no use.
    Secondly, even if supported, has the best kernel version 5, 5.1, after Windows 2000, 5.0. It’s about time that Microsoft do not pay for upgrades to its kernel. As the transition from 2000 to XP, so Vista, version 6.0 to Windows 7, Version 6.1. We really want a kernel version 5.3, 5.2 is the fact if I remember correctly Windows 2003. A new spring for an operating system now known, appreciated and free of bugs. Remember when he managed only once to repair windows reinstalling it on himself .. Or start with only 46 MB .. (Without antivirus )…. How old hardware could go to work again ..!

  99. Currently have xp home on this computer. Within the next 2 months will have sisters’ old computer, which is about same level as this one. With xp pro on second computer, well this would open up a world of possibilities for an average computer user. Would be exploring the world of making a website, having xp pro system as server. Freeware, promotional software, discount coupons, tips and tricks (tried and tested) is the fantasy that brings about a smile. Doesn’t hurt to dream, but as with all dreams requires much effort to make happen. Still, the thought of a new area of geekiness learning is thrilling. Someone without xp probably has more of a need, but it surly wouldn’t be wasted here as well. (hint hint .. lol)

  100. I have 2 Dell insperon 7500 laptops running windows 2000 and would like to upgrade them to donate them volunteers who work at the state prisons.

  101. well i want to have this licensed since i’m still using an old computer that it only can takes a windows XP as OS.. I still don’t have enough money to upgrade so having a licensed of a XP would be great for me as a gift. Thanks!

  102. I have vista on my laptop. That should be reason enough – read on if that ain’t enough.

    It is a perfectly good machine, celeron chip, 2 gig ram and integrated graphics. It runs most software well – and surprisingly – very stable. I should be happy. However, things are a little slow – not snappy – it grates. I’ve read the forums, I’ve tried numerous tweaks but have not been able to get it performing the way my good old XP laptop ran many years back (on a much slower processor and hardware).

    In addition to this, I have various pieces of software that will not run on this machine – one of which actively searches for “Pro” or “Business” before allowing for a successful installation.

    People say, “Buy a new machine with 7 pro installed” I say “NO!” I resent the idea of buying a new machine when my current laptop has hardware that works just fine – why not make a operating system that better utilizes existing hardware rather than forcing us onto an upgrade treadmill. IMHO there is nothing compelling in the new offerings that seem to greatly improve how I would use a computer. I’m sure users will benefit from the UI tweaks and added security features. I’m certain those less organized will benefit from the new search capabilities.

    For me, a simple responsive OS that runs on my programs without the need of hardware upgrades is all I need (I’m not willing to use those free OS’s – any ideas on how to trick them into using Office 2010 and SAS?). If I could still buy a legit copy of windows XP pro I would. However I can’t (or am not brave enough to buy online from a random person)

    So please, for the good of the environment (and my pocket), give me XP.

  103. I am a college student who only have one old PC with pirated Windows XP inside it. It is very shame that I cannot afford to buy a genuine one nor a new machine because my parent need to pay for my three brothers and sister who also go for college. It is all by myself to look for any way to obtain legal Microsoft OS. It is fortunate I found this giveaway.

    I really hope to win because Windows XP is the most suitable OS for my PC so I could do my college tasks calmly, without feeling guilty of using pirated software anymore. I am sure you understand every student needs positive environment to be able to study well.

  104. i have started with desktop in year 2000 with windows 98 SE. but after few months i upgrade to window Me. it also give many blue screens. then i use windows Xp.it is really good OS. i have installed many programs and changes in it. then i made its image. and then in year 2007 i bought my laptop and used the same image of my desktop in this laptop. since then i am running windows xp without any problem. i have my some plc programs which only runs in xp. and most of all it runs smoothly even now with so many programs installed. i amnow planning to buy new laptop. but still wants to use same image with it also.

  105. My daughter will be 9 years old next week

    As a gift i could give my attention

    But i feel so weak

    If without the redemption

    To give a gift that is not a freak

    Give something that is really my intention

    Something that could give some experience

    Of a view throughout the windows

    It could be a XP

    And not a simple Linux Lindows

    A real present as An apple

    The past in a window look

    The future is the Windows took

    Nine years old given without a pirate hook

    A original start

    From the deepness of my heart.

    Samuel Sindra

  106. OK, beyond the fact that I have a bunch of old machines I am restoring and reusing instead of letting them be recycled when they are still good, and the fact that my friends and I play allot of classic games that you can’t play on Vista or 7 (or in a standard virtual machine), or the fact that as a guy who tries tons of new software and highly tweak out my XP installs I have to rebuild my OS two to four times a year but since Service Pack 3 came out I haven’t had to rebuild my machine until now (June 2008), there is a good reason why I would like a new licence to Windows XP:

    I am building a machine for my father’s small town business he started after the heavy machinery/snowmobile mechanics job he had at a farm machinery dealership went away a little while ago. He had the job over 40 years and now is having to restart on a shoestring budget and is doing OK, but I have heard him mutter about having to have a computer to order parts from some places now and I know he isn’t going to do it himself. That and a Office Suite with a spreadsheet could do wonders for all the bookkeeping he has to do.

    Add to that that I would have to support him from just under 250 miles away and my experience with 7 and Vista have been minimal due to money being very tight right now from heath reasons (oh yes the guy with the long run on sentence is pulling the sympathy card, oh.. wait, no he’s just being factual).

    I would also really like it if I can give a NEW copy of the operating system because while being a hardware guy he can understand that a used machine is still good, he hasn’t quite got that “bits is bits” and that there is no such thing a “new software”.

    Guys if I could get this it would be a BIG help.


  107. I am not sure of statistics, but I can confidently say that XP hasn’t died yet. And the reason why I still want a 9 years old OS is I just love XP. I have used Widnows 7 or Vista but they’ve failed to excite me enough.

    Even going by the non-technical judgement, XP is the STRONGEST OS.

    So, in short, whether I get the free License or not, I just love XP. Ciao!

  108. Ooh, I’d love to be able to install XP on my desktop computer again. A few years ago I decided to try out Ubuntu – BIG mistake! Nothing worked as it should and the user interface .. well it just wasn’t Windows!

    Unfortunately installing Ubuntu also erased the recovery partition (arrgh!), so I’ve been stuck running Ubuntu for soooo looong.

    Wow I just realized I’d be able to run MS Office in stead of Open Office, how cool is that!

  109. hey all
    I read almost all the comments but I’m disappointed by the horrible engrish beeing used …
    So please keep the license … they don’t deserve it :)

  110. I need Windows XP because since I have started using it, in 2004 or so, I am tired of Windows Genuine Advantage notifications!!!!! I am using Windows 7 right now, but it would be great if I had a license of Windows XP. My family members still don’t get used to Windows 7.

  111. I can not think any alternative for my Xp.I m feeling very comfortable by using it.Since it supports all old & new hardware as well as all software
    in the market.I desperately needed Xp key for reliefing those annoying pop up.Please consider me for sending original key.Thanks in advance.

  112. Easy it is still the best operating System there is. It is easy to move, play around with, restore, reformat, msconfig, and still holds up to anything that you want to put it through. It is like the old pair of boots you have. They might seem old and out of shape but yhey can out run, out fox any of the others.
    I would love to have a XP Key, I would go get me a labtop later and through that baby on it.
    Consider me honored to have this chance to win one.
    Thank you very much.

  113. Hi TWC!

    First thanks for giving the most popular and highly used Windows XP Pro. license key.
    The prime reason I also want a license key is that it is simply compatible with many of my favorite application and games as well.Windows XP Professional is best OS for playing many games.Besides Windows 7 isn’t as stable compared to XP Pro. OS.I would definitely like to install a genuine Windows XP OS on my VMware for testing many applications :D


  114. Ode to XP

    Like a comfortable armchair art thou to me
    Though I never dreamed so attached to you I’d be.

    I recall how small you used be when only 2.0,
    The exciting possiblities I spied at 3.0,

    How the whole world suddenly changed with 95 & 98,
    And how Windows became the OS I loved to hate.

    False starts, and blue-screen fits you used to throw.
    Those ugly, embarassing phases like Bob and ME really used to blow.

    And then finally, the promises, promises came true.
    Windows XP: stable, sturdy and keen, my appreciation grew and grew.

    Has it really been 9 long years? Are you really through?
    Come on now, I didn’t buy that Vista ballyhoo.

    But I see the bright and shiny blossom of 7
    That Redmond promises, promises to be OS heaven.

    And in my future, there’s a monstrous machine:
    Quad cores, 16 GB RAM and more… with a really big screen.

    And I’m told I really won’t have to say goodbye
    To you, Windows XP, my old friend and faithful ally.

    They say, “Come take a close look inside.
    In Virual PC will XP still reside.”

    Oh, how sweet, I think. But wait…
    I feel ike I’ve been set up for a blind date!

    We all know the score, tis understandable too.
    A ploy: big corps with legacy apps to comfort and subdue.

    XP Mode? Good for them, but not really for hobbyists like me.
    There’s a great way to keep you around, and it’s free!

    Uncrippled and robust, I can keep you in a VirtualBox.
    So many apps do I test and try, it’s hard to pull up all the weeds.
    But once a retail license’s installed, I can have a vdh for each of my needs
    While my base system remains clean and lean. What can I say but XP ROX!

    And come Windows 7 or 8 or even Ubuntu, Whoopee!
    With me, will my virtualized XP Pro always be!

  115. Yes, pls I want this licence. I need a copy to install in a VM for malware testing. XP is fast and light to be run in VM and malware runs good in XP. Just run a malware and it,s free to copy files here n there, alter the registry and install rootkit drivers, services, files etc etc. So XP is good to test any security software against malware .Testing malware in XP is great fun.

  116. Simplemente es el mejor sistema que ha salido a la luz y el más estable. P parte no puedo adquirir una licencia debido a mi situación.

  117. I am relatively new to computers and want a genuine license of XP instead of the one that was loaded by the vendor which has been crashing often. Thanks for this giveaway.

  118. XP still rocks because of its simplicity & compatibility. An OS that doesn’t consumes so much of memory as the latest one. With XP you always have an Xtra Point on your side. No OS can ever beat this one

  119. Hi, thank you very much for this opportunity :)

    The reason I want a license for XP?
    Well, Vista hates me, 7 is not really much better in certain areas, tho greatly improved overall.

    The main reason is that I have this game which I absolutely love, and have never gotten to finish. It is called Zodiac and will not run on anything above XP :(
    I was nearly finished it, when disaster struck, my XP computer died. I have tried every compatibility fix known to humankind, nothing will get this overlooked gem of a game to run on vista or 7.

    I would love to have a computer that doesn’t fight me, doesn’t believe it’s sole purpose in life is to drive me insane, a computer that understands that I AM THE ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But mostly, I just want to finish my game.

    Thank you again,


  120. Hello TWC!

    First of all, thank you for this giveaway.

    I read that many people say that XP is the best Windows, or that it’s the best OS. Far from it, it’s not. It’s still widely used and very popular but it’s not. However, I (as many others) still need it. So here’s my entry for the contest, please consider it for the award.

    The reason I want this license for is both financial and ethical. You see, I have an old computer assembled from parts given to me by friends. I have an old Pentium II mainboard with a slotket card I hacked to accept a Pentium III, running at 700 MHz, and I have to use XP on it, I simply can’t install newer versions. But with XP it works fine. The problem is, I can’t afford buying a new computer, let alone software…

    About a year ago I decided to become fully legit. So I started hunting giveaways/promotions, participating in contests, beta-testing, etc. So far I managed to get licenses for most of the software I need, or I use freeware or shareware alternatives. Security software, office suites, utilities, graphics software, development tools, etc… but not for the operating system. This is why I’d like to have this XP license so I can finally wipe the pirate version. Thanks.

    Best regards, and good luck for all the participants!

  121. Old and very good OS, even with today standards.

    It´s always nice to get this as a freebie with a simple comment.

    MS Win XP Pro is the most compatible (probably) OS with older and newer hardware.

  122. I would like a genuine retail license of Windows XP Professional Edition because I help a lot of people and friends of people,aquantences and so on to learn the basics of day to day computing.I am happy to say a few have gone to collage to take their ‘computer driving test’ succesfully.Most of these people have older computers inherited or gifted so a genuine retail license of Windows XP Professional Edition would really help as most of their computers run on XP.
    Thanks and fingers crossed.

  123. I was brought up with the saying, ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! Windows XP just plain works!

  124. Thanks for this giveaway. I have an old PC only upgradable to 512MB RAM and I want to install a genuine license of Windows XP on it. Can’t afford the software or the hardware for any upgrades right now.

  125. quiet simply its the best o/s that microsoft has done although win 7 is catching up fast. it would make a great companion to dual boot with my win 7 install and it will go like the wind with 2gb of ram

  126. Using 2 PC’s and a Laptop means I cannot afford to upgrade to Windows 7. Apart from the licence cost, my computers are not new enough to be able to run Windows 7 and all the software and hardware would have to be replaced.
    The software is running just fine on XP and I doubt that there are drivers for my hardware to enable them to be used on Windows 7.

    So, bottom line, It just isn’t feasible or affordable to upgrade to Windows 7.

  127. These two would be the winners of the giveaway. There were many earnest requests, and it is a pity I could only get two licenses.

    Mike Honeycutt

    You’ll recieve a mail from Anand with the license details. Congratulations!

  128. Thank you VERY much for the license! I will install it on one of the best computers I’ve got right here right now (an old Dell 8400) and I’m sure it will make some people at school very happy when using it after we’ve send it to Africa. (I’ll make a small, not annoying pop-up on this computer which will show up when starting up to make the user notice they’ve got to thank you for the computer)

  129. Hi! I want Windows XP licence because i use it at school, and I need windows XP licence to install programs from my teacher, but it can’t on other operative systems.PLEASE :( :(

  130. Having a never opened retail Windows plus pack I bought expecting to be able to use, I’d love to see what it actually does. Have an early Vista basic (not impressed) system so I’d put Xp on there instead…..

  131. The times have moved on.. but my old desktop had been on my table since 10 years. It brought me a job, many prizes by online contests and uncountable accolades, but never asked anything in return.
    But after this giveaway of yours, Its screaming for that prized life partner, and I am helpless, just gazing at you, to fulfill this dream wish of my desktop.

  132. I like to use it to continue using original software I bought and that doesn’t work very well or doesn’twork at all with win 7 and others. thanks

  133. Most secure, best stability of any Windows version – I need one for an unattended home automation/weather station PC.

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