Freeware to Enable User List, Tweak Alt Tab, Add Aero, Tune BootUI, Disable Auto-Pin in Windows

With the launch of Windows 10/8 there are few things we wish we could change. One of the features I miss most is the glass effect on Windows boards, and Taskbar there are a couple of workarounds not everything is stable without any bugs. Likewise, there are few things we wish we could change. Today I’ll suggest a few freeware that will let you tweak your Windows 10/8.

User List Enabler for Windows

On Windows 8 when you have multiple user accounts, Windows 8 will automatically log you into the last logged in account. It’s not helpful every time. I for one maintain two different accounts, one administrator for installation and administrative tasks and a standard account for daily use, so nothing can easily infect my PC. I found this tool that will let you disable this feature. This tool will bring back that good old Windows 7 feature where you can choose which account you need to login to.


Alt Tab Tuner VIII

Alt Tab Tuner is a nice little utility that will let you tweak the Alt + Tab function. I am surprised how far this tool can tweak this feature. This will also let you enable the Classic Alt + Tab feature as well.


Get Aero glass back into your Windows

Like I said earlier, one of the features I miss is the Aero glass feature in Windows 8. Winaero Glass will bring back that feature. But this tool is still in its alpha stages that means there is no user interface just double click on the file that will enable Aero glass and once to either log off or close it from Task Manager –> Processes it will disable the feature. I see lots of potential for this feature. Here is a video that describes it.

This not only brings the Aero glass but the blur effect as well. This tool connects to DWM API in Windows 8 and creates real blur and transparency effects on window frames using Direct 2D and Direct 3D.

AutoPin Controller for Windows 8

One of the most annoying features of Windows 8 is that it automatically pins all the shortcuts to Modern UI screen. Sometimes it’s helpful, but when you install Microsoft Office 2013, there are like 10 or 25 shortcuts that it dump there. It’s a pain to unpin them. Using this amazing tool you can disable this feature.


You can just “Lock Pin to Start Feature” or just “Reset Start Screen” it will wipe clean the Start screen and just pin the ones that you want.

Boot UI Tuner for Windows

Boot UI Tuner allows you to set some hidden settings of boot manager in Windows. For example, it allows enabling advanced boot options of Boot Menu or Enable the loading etc.


If you want to revert just click on “Defaults” it will revert everything back.

You can download them all from here. There are a lot more freeware available there. Make sure you create a System Restore point if possible a backup before you play with any of these tools because it does modify your system files.

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