Enable HTTPS Login in Twitter

Twitter has rolled out a new settings that lets you enable HTTPS permanently for Twitter. Although encrypted login was available for quite sometime, the user had to manually visit https://twitter.com for making use of it.

What Twitter has now done is that they have added an option in the Settings to enable HTTPS all the time so that you don’t have to type the above mentioned URL every time you want to access Twitter. This feature will be particularly useful for those who tends to access Twitter from unsecured connections such airport or hotel WiFi.

To enable HTTPS:

Go to your Account settings page.

Check the box next to Always use HTTPS. Click Save.


It is important to note that the mobile Twitter website still uses the old unencrypted login even if you use the https URL.

Also users will not be able to make use of HTTPS if your Twitter client doesn’t support it!

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer. HTTPS is a protocol to transfer encrypted data over the Web. HTTPS encrypts the data sent and received with SSL, while HTTP sends it all as plain text over the Internet.

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