Enable History feature and keep Record of calculations in Windows 10 Calculator

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  1. keep going…everything after right-click to calculation window is not available. the only thing windows 10 allows is to delete history, no copy, no paste

  2. After my non-touch laptop downloaded the Anniversary update a few days ago I ended up with this monstrosity of a calculator (before the update it was smaller)… I have the history view, but for me it’s turned on by default and I can’t figure out how to turn history view off.

    I used to work with multiple calculators open simultaneously… that’s nearly impossible now. I guess I’m off to find a third-party solution…

  3. If you are ever wondering on how to hide History/Memory, resize the calculator window smaller until the History/Memory view disappears. Took me a while to figure it out but I’m slow.

  4. “Enabling the History feature in the Windows 10 Calculator makes the app work like a desktop calculator with the built-in printer.” OK, is there some way to actually print the history results? I want to be able to print it just as if I was running a tape.

  5. The problem I’m having is turning the damn history OFF!

    Once you enable the history/memory pane it won’t go away and there’s no switch. And the “settings” menu is useless since there’s no actual settings in it.

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