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Enable 3-finger Tap to launch Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana, comes deeply integrated in Windows 10, makes the search experience a more personalized one. Microsoft has overhauled some of the gestures and introduced few new in Windows 10. For instance, you can now enable or disable 3-finger tap to launch Cortana in Windows 10.

Users who are continuously on the go might not be interested or may find it a bit inconvenient in always using their touchscreen or a mouse for work purposes. Under such circumstances, the natural choice is the touchpad, so it’s quite important that you set the touchpad to work as desired. With Windows 10, you can find some of the new configuration options for the touchpad. Most popular touchpad manufacturers support launching Cortana by three finger tap or click. That is, on some laptops, it’s possible to launch Cortana by making three finger click or tap on touchpad.

Launch Cortana with 3 finger Tap

It is important to mention here that the feature can be enabled only if you have the latest version of the touchpad driver installed. Windows 10 users who have the option of driver updates automatically enabled will likely have the latest version of the driver. If you have the feature disabled, I recommend you to download and install the latest version of the touchpad driver from Synaptics.

Press Win+X in combination and select ‘Control Panel’. In the right-corner section look for ‘View By’ option.

Change it to ‘Small icons’, and then click Mouse to open Mouse Properties.

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Switch to the touchpad tab, in this case ClickPad, and select Settings from the options displayed.

Once, the control panel of touchpad is opened, switch to Click tab by clicking on the same.

Now, look for the option titled Three-finger tap and Three Finger Click, and then select Cortana from the drop-down box adjacent to it.

Click OK and restart your computer.

On a Dell laptop, you will have to click on Dell Touchpad in the Mouse Properties box then on the Click to change Dell Touchad settings to open the following box. Here Gestures > Multi-finger gestures, you will see the settings.

The settings may thus vary a bit and depend on which laptop or touchpad you are using.