eMo Web Browse Optimizer Tool for IE, Chrome, Firefox & other browsers

Most modern-day browsers takes up a lot of memory and it sometimes affects the performance of the computer, especially computers with older specifications. We are used to having multiple tabs open, which increase the memory usage to even up to 300 to 400 MB. It’s too bad that some developers are not concentrating on some way to reduce the memory consumption. Most update they introduce, include features that take up even more memory and makes it impossible for a slower computer to work with some performance related issues.

Optimize browser memory usage

In the quest of finding a better option to optimize memory usage of the browser, I came across this amazing little tool called eMo Web Browse Optimizer. This tool is designed to optimize the browsers memory consumption and improve the performance of the browser.


According to the developer

[eMo]Web Browse Optimizer is a simple utility that provides users with a means of memory optimization up to 80% for a chosen browser. You can choose between multiple browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, GreenBrowser, Pale Moon and Maxthon. You can also add another browser such as Netscape or Comodo Dragon.

I ran a test to find out how effective is the utility. I’m using Chrome, so I decided to snap a screenshot of ‘before and after’ to see the difference. Here is the screenshot I taken before optimizing memory with the freeware.


As you can see the memory usage for Chrome is approx. 156.4 MB. Then I ran the utility and optimized the memory and took another screenshot to see the difference.


I was astonished to see which a vast difference. It cleared almost 120 MB of memory. I have no idea how it works or how it had released such a huge amount of memory. And what is important that I did not experience any sluggishness or any issues while browsing. It was working perfectly normal.

Download  eMo Web Browse Optimizer

You can download it from Sourceforge website. I strongly recommend this tool for those of you, who are accustomed to having a lot of tabs open, but have less system resource. It’s a great little utility and I hope you find it  helpful.

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  1. Somewhere along these lines I believe: “DllCall( “psapi.dll” , “int” , “EmptyWorkingSet” , “long” , -1 )” (AutoIt)

  2. thuya199

    How to use this tool?I can’t find any optimize button.

  3. thuya199

    How it works? It looks like it’s fake. 1/ FF’s memory decreased from 1G to 40-50M but no changes in task manager’s live diagram. 2/ When I renamed photoshop.exe to firefox.exe, your tool did the same for it as well.

  4. it searches the process by it’s name

  5. Adham Dahab

    This Tool just Duplicate ideas From AMYD Projects Blog

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