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Emerald Maiden Symphony of Dreams: Well conceived Hidden Object adventure game

If you fancy a dream with dark mysteries that wait to unravel than The Emerald Maiden Symphony of Dreams is the perfect role playing game for you. The game is available in the Windows Store and weighs in at around 620MB before installation. Thankfully the game doesn’t require high end graphic processing units, as a result of which I could also play the same on my low end Windows 10 Notebook.

Emerald Maiden Symphony of Dreams game

The game is based on the premise of storytelling and immersing the player into the underwater scenes. Here is an excerpt of description from the gameplay which will help you understand it better:

“You have been abandoned on an orphanage doorstep as a child. Now- 25 years later- you receive an envelope with an invitation on a mystery voyage and an old picture of you and your mother together.Why did your mom leave you and how is she connected to the secret organisation? To discover the truth, you embark on a trip to the Emerald Maiden and it soon becomes apparent that something very wrong is going inside.”

The Emerald Maiden starts out like a usual Hidden Object Adventure game and progressing through the game would require some wits. The scenes are segregated into two modes, one the standard list and the others interactive ones. The game developers have also included a map to help you proceed in the game but somehow it was a bit sketchy and difficult to understand.

Now coming to the main aspect of Hidden Object Adventure Game, the puzzle, while it might be fun for beginners it can also be quiet boring for the advanced players.

The Puzzles are usually easy and if you have played similar games before there is every possibility that you may find it to be a tad too boring.

The total gameplay took around 4.5 hours and in spite of being light graphics are immersive to the core.

You can play the game for free on your Windows PC and after you make some progress you would be prompted to purchase the same.

The bottom line is that if you want to drown yourself in a casual Hidden Object Adventure that is easy on your mind then the Emerald Maiden can turn out to be a great bet for you. That being said, we would advise you to tame down your expectations and just enjoy the gameplay.

You can download it from the Windows Store.