Email Accounts which Trueswitch allows you to migrate to and from


  1. It to does not work with Lycos or GMX mail accounts. I contacted Trueswitch just to double check this and they confirmed it.

    Lycos is making it more and more awkward for FREE account holders to access their accounts using any mail checking program (at the moment this is impossible) As I have over 400 mails in these accounts I do not fancy moving each one independently. Afetr 12 years of using Lycos (originally Eudora)mail they have finally forced me to move else where.

    Does anyone know of a good program that would move these mails to another provider? Preferably free as this will (hopefully) be a one time action.

  2. HarshM
    Thanks. I have searched but cannot find anything that works with Lycos free accounts. The thought of opening and forwarding all these mails individually makes me shudder. (Forwarding is only active after you open a mail and then only for that individual mail as far as I can see). The [users of] mail checking program (Pop Peeper – http://www.poppeeper.[com] that I have used for years are also stumped

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