eHour: Timesheet Management made easy

eHour is basically a web based time tracking and project management tool that can be used by individuals or companies to charge their employees in accordance with the time they have worked. It makes timesheet management very simple, with its user-friendly web interface. eHour is open sourced, so you not need spend any money to track your projects.

eHour Review

The objective of this software is to calculate the time spend by a person on his/her work, which is actually very difficult to calculate. To use this software you’ll need to install Java Runtime Environment on your machine. Basically this software acts as a server that you’ll host on your PC and then anyone can access the eHour with a web browser. This software really increases productivity and reduces efforts.

eHour Features

Some of the major features of this utility are:

  • Can create multiple users based on their role such as: Admin, Regular and Reporting.
  • You can create multiple projects and assign different projects to different users or employees. You can even assign a single projects to multiple employees.
  • Can choose start and end date for a project and also fix working hours and the amount paid to a user for a particular project in a working hour.
  • Calendar can be used to manage the holidays for your employees, this makes the attendance process easier.
  • Extensive and specialized reports on every customers, projects, users, departments or a selection of them.
  • Completely customizable, currency can be set.
  • Comes with an inbuilt mail server.
  • Available in different languages
  • Cross Platform
  • No need to install a software on a PC, can be simply accessed from a Web Browser.
  • Excel export option available for reports.

eHour Interface

As this is a web-based software, the interface is the most important part. The web-based interface of this utility is just awesome. It loads like a normal website and it loads a little faster, if we compare it with some other websites which load rather slowly. The interface is easy and initiative and anyone can use it without much problem. But we would have considered it more useful if they allowed a company to upload their own logo in the place of eHour’s logo.

eHour Download

I would like to conclude and say that the eHour is the best time managing tool out there, with lots of features. It will make your task a much easier and would help you manage your clients and employees efficiently.

Click here to download eHour for Windows.

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