Educational app for Windows 8 – my History Digest

Are you a lover of history? Or you may be a student who is looking for some source to complete your History assignment. Here comes my History Digest to the rescue and for your love! It is what its name suggests – an e-digest that is packed with some of the most astonishing historical facts, unbelievable discoveries, important events in global history, historical myths and many more. And what more, it is a part of Windows 8 Store’s fleet of apps!

Educational app for Windows 8

My History Digest is a perfect educational app for Windows 8. It is a collection of carefully selected news for those who are passionate about archaeology and history. Though to enjoy this app completely, one has to subscribe the magazine, one can certainly browse and read the free content. Every issue (published every month) consists of one article and one day’s nugget that is free and any Windows Store user can download it without spending even a penny.

my History Digest educational app for Windows 8

For a user, my History Digest app offers an outstanding reading experience. The content included in each of the articles is informative as well as entertaining. Hence, it is able to woo the reader of any age. Though the app is recommended for the age group of 16 and above; even the younger group will find some interesting articles and nuggets on this educational app for Windows 8.

Educational app for Windows 8

Features that make my History Digest stand apart

The magazine offers some really good features and allows for a great reading experience. Some of the outstanding features of my History Digest are as follows:

1) Source of educational information: This e-digest is designed for educational purpose. Hence, the information in each of the articles featuring in every issue of this magazine is informative and presented in easy-to-understand manner. The language is such that the readers are bound to the article and find the information attractive. ( I personally liked the tone of the articles, which is easy-to-understand).

A downloaded article looks like this. Certainly an amazing reading experience!

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Educational app for Windows 8

2) Collection of clear images:  The images included in the content are clear and attractively placed. These images make the reading experience more interesting.

3) Good source of general knowledge: The homepage of magazine’s every issue carries the main article based on something special in that particular month. It can be an anniversary of something important in the history; historical news of the week; an important historical anniversary; some lesser-known, astonishing historical facts of a selected topic, or a historical picture of the week; it continuously updates our general knowledge about history of the world. The magazine also holds a collection of historical photos; some of them are even rarely published.

Educational app for Windows 8

4) Features that make the reading experience amazing: Not only the content and the pictures which make the app so interesting; but it is also the technical features of the app that make it so useful and attractive. It includes user-friendly features as well as the functions that help amend the reading ability. The semantic zooming and 2.5D effects make it a suitable app for Windows 8. As soon as you open the app, my History Digest fills your screen with ornately designed articles, digital richness, and amazing picture quality. It comes with all latest multimedia features which help the app to run on Windows RT hardware, notebook and even on a full HD screen.

Educational app for Windows 8

If you want a source for historical details that is informative as well as eye-catching, then my History Digest should serve your purpose.

Download this educational app for Windows 8 and check it for yourself.

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