Edge Browser Tips and Tricks for Windows 10

There is much to Microsoft Edge than what appears. At the core of Edge is the EDGEHTML rendering engine that was developed from scratch to provide a better browser. Edge replaces Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 10 though IE is also present for “legacy purposes”. This post offers you some cool Edge Browser Tips and Tricks that will help you get the best of this new web browser and its features, in Windows 10.

Edge Browser Tips and Tricks

The hamburger menu, like the one in Windows Store apps, is not present in Edge. Instead, you will find three dots, called Ellipses. You click on the Ellipses to open the More actions menu that contains options to tweak Microsoft Edge. You have to click on Settings to reach the main settings. Advanced options are also to be found in a separate menu when you click on the option saying Advanced Options. Using these, you can tweak Edge settings.


1] Customize Edge browser

Edge Browser can be customized, though not as much as the Internet Explorer. If you wish to change the default settings in Edge and make it more comfortable, read our article on how to customize Edge.

2] Enable Dark Theme

By default, the color of Edge is silver-white. But Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10, allows you to set a Dark Theme. Some people prefer to use dark themes, especially at nights or in the dark, as it is considered to cause lesser strain on the eyes. Using dark themes limits the intensity, conserves battery and makes it easier to work long hours. Read Enable Dark Theme in Edge for details.

3] Change default search

The default search provider is Bing in Edge browse. But you can always change the default search engine and even add additional search engines to the browser. You can include Google or any other search engine in the list of Edge browser. You just have to open the search engine page and then go to Settings menu using the Ellipses towards the top right corner of the screen. Then follow the instructions as explained in our article on how to change Default Search to Google in Edge. The process is same for adding any search engine and search providers., provided they support Open Search.

4] Set multiple homepages

A home page is a web address that is opened automatically when you fire up your web browser. You can set your favorite website, blog or search engine as your home page or you can set a blank page too. Like all web browser, the new Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 too lets you set a single home page or multiple homepages.

5] Edge keyboard shortcuts

Edge too, like all other browsers, supports the use of keyboards to help you browse and navigate quickly. For example, you can add a website quickly to Microsoft Edge’s bookmark list. Just press CTRL+D on the keyboard and select a folder where to save the bookmark. Such browser keyboard shortcuts will help you use Edge in a smarter way.

6] Manage passwords & autofill

Edge browser lets you manage passwords in Windows 10. Although the feature is pretty basic, it is good enough and meets the purpose. Like most browsers, Edge also supports Form-fill. This feature remembers your oft-filled information and offers to fill the web forms automatically for you. More on this at Manage Passwords and Form-Fill.

7] Add a Home button

The Home button is turned off by default in Microsoft Edge as most people prefer to use the setting that allows them to start where they left in the previous session. Some of you may not find any use for the Home button, but there are others who like to have a Home button, visible on the browser interface. Edge allows you to add a Home button.

8] Import favorites into Edge

Need to import your favorites from other browsers? This post will show you how you can import Favorites and Bookmarks into Edge. You can also export Edge favorites as HTML file.

9] Customize Edge New tab page

The New tab features allow users to change the way tabs behave when they are created, and what is shown. Customize Edge New tab page to suit your requirements.

10] Make a Web Note

Edge is the only browser available till date that allows you to annotate a web page right on the screen and then save your markings as notes or send it to other users. It lets you take notes, write, highlight directly on web pages or scribble on the web. Go here to learn how to make Web Notes in Edge.

11] Use Cortana in Edge

If you have you have correctly set up Cortana in Windows 10, you can enable and use Cortana integration in Edge browser. Cortana, powered by Bing, is built directly into Windows 10. This means that things users can do with the voice assistant on Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phones is possible in the Edge web browser.

12] Show the Favorites bar

You can show the Favorites bar using Settings menu. There is an option under Settings that says “Show Favorites Bar”. Click on the button towards ON state to display the Favorites bar. This option is not available as a context menu item, as in Internet Explorer.

13] F12 Developer Tools

In case you are interested in developing add-ons for Microsoft Edge, you might want to know about developer tools provided by Microsoft.  To access the F12 Developer Tools, all you need to do is to click and open the More actions menu and select “F12 Developer tools”. This will automatically launch the tools undocked. As a Developer, you might be excited to use the Network tools. Use the to change User Agent, Mode, Display, Geolocation too.

14] Open web page in IE

If for some reason, you need to open a web page, which you have already opened in Edge, in Internet Explorer, click on More actions, and then on Open with Interner Explorer. Ie will instantly open that web page.

If you are an IE lover and want to use it, see this post on how to open Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

15] Pin Edge Browser website shortcut to Start Menu

If you visit a website frequently and would like to pin its shortcut to the Start Menu, it is simple. Just visit the website using Edge and click on the 3-dotted More actions link to open the menu. Here click on Pin to Start, and its icon will get pinned to the Start Menu. You can then resize it or choose to turn n or of live tiles.

16] Install extension in Edge browser

You can now install the extension on Edge to enhance your web browsing experience.

17] Compatibility View and Edge

Can you enable or use Compatibility View in Microsoft Edge browser?

18] Auti-Hide the address bar

Press F11 to go full-screen. The Edge address bar will auto-hide. To make it appear, simply move the mouse to to top edge.

19] There’s more!

You might want to also take a look at some of the features of Edge browser, so that you become completely familiar with all that the web browser has to offer. It talks of how to Delete browsing history and cache, Share web pages, use Reading View, create Reading List, use the built-in PDF Reader, the Hub, Sync Support, Page Prediction feature, support for Dolby Audio and more. There are also some new security features in Edge you may want to take a look at. Having done this, you might want to also take a look at and configure

Having done this, you might want to also take a look at the following:

  1. Configure Privacy settings in Edge browser.
  2. Make use of the Microsoft Edge Tips page to learn about the new features in Edge.
  3. See how you can create web page shortcut using Edge browser on Windows 10 desktop.
  4. See how to disable Web Notifications or save a web page as PDF file in Edge Browser.
  5. Enable TCP Fast Open in Edge to make it faster.
  6. Restore Edge Favorites after resetting Windows 10.
  7. Share a web page URL using Edge.

We will keep adding new tips and tricks for Edge browser as and when they are available in future. In case we missed anything, please share with us.

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  1. Great article. I have tried switching the theme from light mode to dark. I will try the other tips which are listed here.

  2. Paul

    I can’t seem to get f11, full screen mode, to work. pressing f11 does nothing on my system. I also wish that holding the back button showed the list of sites that I came from like in IE.

  3. The F11 does not work in my Edge too.

  4. Rick White

    What about bringing new tabs to the front..? When I click on something to open it in a new tab, I expect to want to view it at that time. I’m not seeing an option to immediately open new tabs…

  5. Arthur

    I can’t get the Home button to show up. Did everything right, no Home button

  6. Raul Fender

    Go to the 3 dots, settings, advanced settings, top slider move to the right

  7. Oldtreker

    Can’t seem to find a download button on Edge.

  8. Paul

    please help. I installed the free version of Windows 10 yesterday and my “more actions button” does nothing. I can not get to the allow pop ups tab so my edge is useless. Help please!!!

  9. Joe

    That’s what I was looking for also. When I open a page in a new tab, I want it to go there immediately.

  10. Sammie

    How do I like it does in IE 11 get the File, Edit, View, Favorites and Help commands back on IE Edge?

  11. Edge does not offer the Menu Bar, so pressing the Alt key wont help.

  12. safari801

    Still can’t import favorites from any other browser except IE. That makes it no good for me.

  13. Awesome tips and tricks about microsoft edge Anand. The most favourite browser extension that I can use in the latest version of Microsoft Edge is FB Purity.

  14. whmwa

    Totally baffled, the Edge has nothing that we are used to, LIKE A NORMAL LIST OF FAVORITES! DUH!
    I just don’t understand, its like moving the controls on a car to different positions , including the pedals!
    I work on my win 10 at home , and win 7 and XP at work I can’t keep having to remember all these different ways of doing things.
    the solution is to use the Chrome or firefox browser….but really I want to use MS latest and greatest but this makes it impossible.
    Its not your fault an I appreciate you helping but I don’t have time to learn all this as its going to change soon anyway, If MS want to keep brand loyalty they have to keep the interface very similar.
    simple things like getting to the ‘Printers and devices’ so I can change the preference takes crazy hunting all the time. ( I have to change preferences as I have programs that use the default setting for printing page size and if I want to print on 11×17 I need to switch the preferences regularly) I used to be able to set up multiple versions of the printer with the different preference settings but that isn’t possible any more.
    Its just so frustrating …then mixed with win 10 …its too much…….
    cheers warren

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