Eclipse IDE: A multi-language integrated software development environment

Nowadays programming isn’t much difficult as the new IDE’s being introduced, provide us with a good developmental environment which helps us to create good GUI applications. This article will tell you about Eclipse IDE, an open source profram. Eclipse began as an IBM Canada project, but it is now an open-source project.

Eclipse makes your programming experience even better with its easy to use GUI and it saves your time for writing long and lengthy codes. Eclipse comes for different programmers. It is available for:

  • JAVA Developers
  • JAVA EE Developers
  • C/C++ Developers
  • JAVA Script Web Developers
  • RCP and RAP Developers
  • JAVA and Report developers
  • Testers
  • Parallel Application developers
  • Scout Developers

Eclipse IDE Features

The program has many features that would enhance your programming experience. Features such as migration into JAR and Debug tool are very powerful and they make your task easier than before. So have a look on feature list of the application:

  • Import programs
  • Export Programs
  • Cleanup
  • Migrate into JAR file
  • Cerate and Apply script
  • History
  • Build Automatically
  • Build Working Set
  • Debug Tool
  • Debug Configuration
  • Break Points
  • Interfaces
  • External Tools.

Now coming to the interface – the program has a good interface, although it may take you some to get used to it. This IDE provides you a good development environment that lets you program your applications on the go. There are many others IDEs out there – you can also check out NetBeans or Geany.

Eclipse IDE Platform

Eclipse comes with a rich client platform that helps you create good applications and it enhances your programming experience. The Eclipse platform is based on Equinox, an execution of the OSGi core framework specification and it uses plug-ins to add more functionality to it. The following components make up the platform:

  • Equinox OSGi
  • Core platform
  • Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) – a portable widget toolkit
  • JFace
  • Eclipse Workbench

Eclipse IDE Plugins

Eclipse has its own community and its own marketplace, where you can discuss and find many plugins for the IDE to add more features and functionality. Plugins are specially written for Eclipse IDE to extend its abilities. If you are a good developer, you can create plugins and can submit them to  Eclipse Marketplace.

Eclipse IDE Download

Vlick here to download Eclipse.

Happy coding!

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  1. Dan Arendt

    I’ve been using Eclipse Indigo for over a month now; it does require Java JRE or JDK (which includes runtime environment, and this is my pick); Intel App Dev has some plugins including an SDK for Android and an Android emulator for Indigo (I find emulator takes 939MB automatically installed in app data on Windows 7 “C” disk).

    I just mean to say Eclipse is a great extensible IDE for industrial-strength developers, and that the current Indigo has a few GUI configurations differing from prior editions. Other than that, as being also a Web Matrix/Azure and Komodo 7 user, Eclipse Indigo for me has the extra treat of “Javadoc” which not only spots but offers fixes to erroneous/deprecated Java scripts.

    Eclipse website also has a “marketplace” page system which lists freeware, shareware, and commercial plugins of all kinds re developers.

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