EasyCMD lets you execute basic CMD commands from a UI on Windows PC

Command Prompt or CMD has been a fairly difficult tool to use for normal day-to-day users. While people have been so busy using applications with marvelous GUIs, it seems pretty difficult to get familiar with the command line. But the power of command line tools should not go un-noticed. However, to make things easier for you, we have EasyCMD for Windows. It is a simple derivation of the Command Prompt that lets you execute CMD commands and at the same time serves you a neat UI.

EasyCMD for Windows

EasyCMD for Windows

The tool is available as free of cost and comes in a portable form-factor. You just need to download and execute it. While the tool makes it fairly easier to execute your commands but at the same time, it may miss out on some functionality. While you can execute most of the commands and record their responses. A list of some common commands has also been provided. You can select any of these commands, modify them and execute them.

Command Prompt with UI

Since the tool is meant to be used for simpler tasks, you may face some difficulties while running a few other things. I was not able to run a Java program, that could be done on CMD without any problem. You can only execute commands, and not run programs that may require further user input.

If you know what command to run, all you need to do is enter that command and hit ‘Execute’. The response from CMD will be recorded in a textbox below. You can easily copy the contents as plain text and paste it anywhere else. Also, there is an option to export the response as a txt file for sharing purposes.

Although the ‘cd’ (Change Directory) command did not work well with the program. You’ll have to change directories by actually copying the program’s exe file and pasting it into the desired directory. Running the exe from the desired directory can only help you if you want to execute some folder specific commands.

EasyCMD is not a complete replacement to the powerful CMD. But it is a small simplified part of it. The tool can just run the simpler commands and perform the basic operations. The inbuilt list of commands also includes some of the basic useful commands like ‘ping’ or ‘ipconfig’. The tool can be useful for you if you do not know the commands but need to run just a few simple commands and you want to do that from a UI.

Visit thecoffeeaddict.net to download EasyCMD.

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