EaseUS Todo Backup Home Review and Unlimited Giveaway


  1. EaseUS Todo Backup is a nice program with a clear interface to create a backup. What is usually missing in a review on backup software is comments on the restore process itself and what is even more important: how a rescue disk is working in practice. It is the lifebelt in case windows is failing. I had very bad experiences with EaseUS (laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1). Because Windows 7 has no drivers for USB3 and nowadays all external disks are USB3, it will not recognize the external disk using a rescue disk (also after a restart to complete the restoration process). But in my case also the standard drivers were not on the rescue disk (WinPE with and without compatibility mode). The only solution was to identify the proper drivers (in advance) and include them manually (my touchpad was working). But for a backup program this is not the good way for an average user if you are encountering a damaged windows OS.
    So this week I removed EaseUS Todo Backup and followed your advice: Macrium Reflect Free. It does all the mentioned issues even USB3. Also the restore process is functioning well using a rescue disk. A great backup software.

  2. I just installed EaseUS ToDo Backup and created the WinPE ISO emergency boot disk. I have not tried it out, however, because Windows Defender alerted me to the installation of stallmonitz malware. I have not installed any other programs in months, so I assume that the EaseUS installation program came with the malware. Now I will uninstall the program.

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