DualClip Translator for Windows: Powered by Microsoft and Google

Sometimes while browsing through various websites, we unexpectedly come across a topic of interest, but find hard to comprehend the meaning of words or sentences as the texts are mostly written in a foreign language.

Being unable to manage this problem independently we usually turn towards the Bing or the Google Translation service! You have to select a text, right-click and then select “Translate with …”. This will open the results in a new window. But what if the whole process could be cut short using a simple utility, and the results could appear as a pop up on the same webpage?

DualClip Translator software does exactly this. The program when downloaded and installed provides translation of selected text or clipboard contents with Google/Microsoft Translator. The translated strings of texts appear either in the System Tray Balloon or in a pop-up window. Let’s see how it works?

How DualClip Translator works

  • Download DualClip Translator 5MB size file and install it.
  • When installed, the application will reside in the system tray as a small balloon.
  • Next, to start first set the preferences by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting ‘Options’.

  • Then, set the ‘Preferred’ and ‘Dual language’ and set the translation service (Google or Microsoft).
  • Next step is to decide whether you want to view results of translation in balloon or window. If in window, choose the desired font.
  • Also, if you want you can use the application with ‘Hotkeys’. By default, a list of hotkeys is provided along with their sequence which helps you in remembering their functions.

  • Once you’re done you can save the settings by clicking on the ‘Save’ option.
  • Now, for viewing the foreign language texts in your desired language, press Alt+C and read the translated texts.

  • As mentioned earlier, you can view the translation in system tray balloon too.

To translate and replace the original text in clipboard with the language of your choice, use Alt+X. if you would like to save the translated result in a text file, right-click DualClip’s system-tray icon and choose ‘Save’ option.

Download pageDualClip Translator.

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