DragonDisk for Windows helps Manage Cloud Storage

The increase in data usage, along with a requirement to access it everywhere, makes DragonDisk a very useful tool to install on your Windows computer. This tool is very useful for users who wish to manage their data on the move.

There are so many benefits that you can get from using Cloud storage. It gives greater accessibility along with reliability, protection, backup, recovery and more. The best part about cloud storage is that it lowers the overall cost of data storage. Now, as the data keeps increasing on the cloud storage, the question that arises is – How do you keep a track of your files, as all of them may be in different places. Dragon Disk could well be the answer to that question.

Manage Cloud Storage accounts & services

DragonDisk Helps Manage Cloud Storage

You can manage your cloud data through cloud storage management tools like this one. DragonDisk comes with an extremely powerful file management features for Amazon S3, Google Cloud, as well as all other cloud storage services, which provide compatibility with Amazon S3 API. DragonDisk helps you in managing your cloud storage on a service that is compatible with Amazon S3 & Google Cloud storage.

How to use DragonDisk

  1. Download and install DragonDisk from link mentioned in the end of the article.
  2. To start syncing your data to the cloud, you have to select the respective cloud service provider account and sign in.
  3. Once done with sign in process, navigate to folder/drive that you want to sync to cloud from left root dropdown option.
  4. Click on the synchronization button from the top menu. It will ask you to create job that you want to sync.
  5. Once the job is created, you can see the data sync progress under the operation menu.

DragonDisk has an amazing interface, which is surprisingly similar to that of Windows File Explorer. It allows you to share, organize and take backups of your data.

DragonDisk Helps Manage Cloud Storage

If you think DragonDisk is a backup software, then you are mistaken. DragonDisk is nothing but a file manager. But yes, the useful part of this file manager is that, you can also use it as a backup solution. Now to be useful as a backup, you must enable Synchronization and the Encryption features of DragonDisk which we can describe in one word as – Incredible!

DragonDisk free download

You can download your free copy from here. Do try this freeware and let us know your inputs about the same.

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