Download Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone

Some days ago Microsoft released a new Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphones. The application is an easy way to control an Xbox console with a Windows phone. It will allow you to play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward content playing on the console.

Xbox Companion app boasts a distinctive ‘Metro’ user interface, a 3 button menu at the bottom of the screen and lateral scrolling to swipe from page to page. The application service has also been extended to iOS devices as an iOS app however; it is not as powerful as its Windows phone counterpart.

Now a million dollar question that might be darting one’s mind is why Microsoft is releasing its core applications and making it available on competing platforms? The best answer to this probably would be Microsoft is slowly and smartly looking to port its Windows Phone experience to the iPhone and iPad via an official iOS Xbox Live app.

With Xbox Companion app one can:

  • Control the console and search the marketplace for things to watch (after connecting app to the console). Xbox companion provides access to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace of games, movies, music and TV shows.

  • Watch items on the Windows Phone7, via the Zune platform, or on your console.
  • Create characters on the device via games like Kinect game, Kinectimals and then scan them into the console with a QR code.

  • Add support for beacons (game invites)
  • Add more new features of the new Xbox Dashboard experience. The application includes a controller mode that allows Windows Phone users to navigate the Xbox dashboard or control video and music playback.

On final note Xbox Companion app appears to be a new way to integrate Windows Phone experience with the new Xbox Dashboard.

The application is available for download for free from Windows Phone Marketplace.

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