Download Windows Live Essentials 2011, Beta 2


  1. Just a point to add-
    The official build number for the beta refresh suite as a whole is 15.4.3002.0810
    While the build number for the installer is 15.4.3001.809 . So don’t get confused.

  2. Been trying to install the BETA (2) for the last many hours…
    Keep getting the same error message “No Internet Connection…..”
    Can’t find out what should be the problem, and I have it on both my laptop and my desktop.
    Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on the laptop, and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on the desktop.
    If anyone has any ideas to what could perhaps be the problem, I would very much appriciate any inputs that you might have.
    I have Google’d and Bing’ed, but haven’t found a sollution to my problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Thats strange. I was able to download the full installer and update my Essentials at the first try itself.

    Why dont you try to download it from the Windows Live Essentials website. I understand the link now directs to the new beta.

  4. Hi Thomas
    I think you are trying to install some language other than English, right? or you are using Windows 7 of some other language ?
    At present installer apart from installing the English ver (if you have selected Eng) or other language you selected tries to install MUI language files that match your OS language. But at present this Refresh beta is available in limited languages only. So when it tries to find these additional lang files, its throwing error.
    I hope soon this will be corrected or try to temporarily change your OS language settings and then try this install.
    Live team is already looking for the workaround.

  5. – I have tried with the full-installer/offline-installer as well, same thing happened…

    – It is english windows on both pc’s, with a danish language pack installed on top. This was not an issue with the first BETA release, but I guess that’s no reason why it shouldn’t have become an issue with the second BETA release…!?
    It actually makes perfect sense, in it’s own way…
    I’ll try and switch the language back to english, and then do an install.

    Thanks for your help so far, I’ll post here if it worked or not 🙂

  6. Yup, it was as simple as that…
    Changed the language to english, relogged, reinstalled and everything works like a charm.
    First time I have had this problem though, but hey – it works now 🙂

    Thanks for your inputs, it’s much appriciated!

  7. 151MB?? no thanks, i can chat and use msn live messenger 2009 without problem. I just hope Microsoft don’t make it obligatory to download it in the future.

  8. I’ll try the messenger alone, phew!! gladly i was wrong and don’t have to download the whole package.

  9. @JFC
    151MB is the full installer, which means all the software included in the package. Messenger alone does not take up that much space…
    But seriously, maybe you should get a bigger harddrive if 151MB is a lot to you!?

  10. @JFC there’s a web installer also where you don’t have to download the Full Installer package of 151 MB. As Thomas said, 151 MB includes all WL products.

  11. updated to beta 2 and now i don’t have any shortcuts in start menu, im using windows 7 pro.
    any help?

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