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Download Windows 8 For Dummies – Free eBook from Dell

So you say Windows 8 has got you flustered! Really? Apart from the start screen, what is really so different in it as compared to Windows 7? Sure I agree the start screen does fly in your face when you don’t want it to and it may get some time getting used to, but in a week or so, when you have got used to it, you may actually even start (gulp) liking it. Nevertheless, if there are some of you or your friends, who have made the switch to Windows 8, and need some help, the Windows 8 for Dummies is  a great eBook. It is now available as a free download from Dell.

This Dell Pocket Edition has been authored by Andy Rathbone who has written many a ‘- for Dummies’ books and is a 12 MB download. I would have liked to see a few more   illustrations where there were required, but hey – it’s free so can’t really complain!.

The content includes:

To be able to avail of this free download offer, you will be required to register at the Dell website and give your email ID. I think it’s a worthy download – one you definitely want to keep handy, when you start using Windows 8.

Hat tip.