Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available for download

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  1. TechnoFalcon

    Finally everyone can experience Windows 8!

  2. Michael Warnes

    I’m both excited about this, and dreading some of the changes at the same time. Downloading it now, going to test it out on both my netbook and in a VM.

  3. Gtbenedict

    I really don’t like it. The user expirence is terrible for a user using a large desktop pc with multiple monitors.

  4. Observer

    looks great for a tablet, ok for a laptop, but for desktop, I’ll certainly turn off the metro styling…or just stick with 7 til the first service pack.

  5. Tuhin Bagh

    downloading beta version is waste of bandwidth ๐Ÿ˜
    does any1 knows, the gap between launch of win7 beta and its final version..???
    Coz i wanna download Win8 Final..!!

  6. Windows 8 Final would probably released around Oct-Nov 2012, I suppose.

  7. Are they distributing any virtual machine versions and/or anybody know if it will run in a Virtual PC setup?

  8. nct12986

    My computer have not graphic compatible with windows 8. now, i am using windows 7. Have driver graphic windows 7 for windows 8?

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