Download Windows 10 ISO using Rufus

There are a number of ways in which a user can get access to download links to Windows 10 ISO. Many third-party providers have also hosted several ISO files of the Windows 10 operating system on different servers and other locations. But the authenticity of these files cannot be verified as these third-party providers have capabilities to modify the ISO file and hence make the computer which has got the copy of Windows 10 installed from that image to be vulnerable to both intended and non-intended attacks. Hence, there are only a handful of trusted sources where a user can get a safe copy of Windows 10 installation image from which are like the Media Creation Tool, their Windows 10 ISO download website and more. Rufus is the latest freeware to join this party.

Download Windows 10 ISO using Rufus

This feature is available on Rufus version 3.5.x and newer only. This version of Rufus is currently on a beta stage and will not be found on the official homepage of the product. But if you wish to move ahead with this beta release, you should be expecting some bugs as beta software are not quite ready for the public use. Find the latest beta and stable releases of Rufus here.

Open Rufus and you will see the following UI:

From the drop-down, you will have to select Download as shown in the image.

download Windows 10 ISO using Rufus

Once done, insert your USB disk. It is worth noting that you will have to insert your USB drive for the further steps to get working.

Now, click on that Download button we selected from the drop-down.

It will give a mini window popping out where you will have to select your operating system to be downloaded from another drop-down.

You can either choose Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to download.

Once you have selected, click on Continue.

It will then bring out the following drop-down menus one by open as you select the previous ones-

  • Release.
  • Edition.
  • Language.
  • Architecture.

After you have made the selections mentioned above, click on the button labeled as Download.

It will open a File Explorer Save window which will ask you for the location to store the downloading ISO. It will then close the mini window and return of the Main Rufus menu.

In the section called Status, you will find a PowerShell script being downloaded and will eventually initiate a download.

Once the download is done, it will simply enable the Start button situated on the bottom part of the Rufus window.

Upon selecting that, you can start creating a bootable USB drive from that ISO that you just downloaded with Rufus. You can reuse and move that ISO as per your wish in the future.

Rufus comes from a good developer, but we cannot confirm that the ISO file provided by this freeware is unmodified or safe to use. But in case you wish to take the risk and go ahead, it can be of great use for you.

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