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Windows 10 is now being used in hundreds of millions of computer systems all around the world, but not everyone is really accustomed to the operating system and the newly added features. Practical Windows Forensics, the eBook might be of great help to you. The name, itself, suggests that it is an extensive eBook that entails detailed information about Windows Forensics.

Practical Windows Forensics

Practical Windows Forensics eBook

The Practical Windows Forensics eBook is a well-written guide, deeply detailed with series of explanations, easy to use ‘table of contents’ and ‘index’ for the those entirely looking to get into digital forensics as well as for the users who are looking for methods needed to assemble different types of evidence properly, and assistance through the various stages of the analysis process.

The eBook begins by discussing the principles of the digital forensics process and also explains how about which approaches are used to conduct the analysis. It also covers the different tools that can be used to perform live analysis, and different techniques that analyze volatile and nonvolatile data. This will be followed by recovering data from hard drives and learning how to use multiple tools to perform registry and system log analyses.

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Apart from learning the techniques, tools, and methods to perform analysis and study the digital forensics process, this eBook also teaches you how to study e-Mails and browsers properly, as they are a crucial part of the ongoing investigation. Another important aspect that is covered is the method of extracting data from a computer’s memory and investigating network traffic from it.

The easy to follow instructions will help you get comfortable with the concept of digital Windows forensics, learn the basics and get to know all the techniques in detail. Informative and comprehensive articles with how-to guides will help you perform live analysis and use that data in other actions.

The guide, Practical Windows Forensics, not just helps you learn about forensics but also helps you learning the various aspects including Filesystem analysis, Registry Analysis, e-mail investigation and a lot more.

Overall, Practical Windows Forensics is the fastest and easiest way to get mastery in your digital forensics. It includes complete detailed tutorials and guides for each topic, succinct explanations with easy to follow steps and actual real world advice to help in practical application.

The Practical Windows Forensics guide worth $31 is now available for free download for a limited period of time. Fill in the details as required and get your free copy of this useful guide. Register if you are a new user but if you have already made use of any free offers here, you will not need to re-register. The free offer expires on 12th April 2017.

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