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The Firefox download panel displays sufficient information pertaining to the download in progress. Nevertheless, there are some apps that can help you enhance the functionality of the panel. If I can recall, Mozilla introduced a new download manager with Firefox 20. It was a welcome change as it allowed a user to check the status of downloads directly from the toolbar but the scope for improvement always remain. As such, you can enhance the functionality of download panel by adding a new extension to Firefox browser – Download Panel Tweaks. The extension or add-on is a collection of random tweaks for the Firefox Download Panel.

Here’s how to get and use it!

Download Panel Tweaks for Firefox

To add the extension to your browser, simply hit the green ‘Add to Firefox’ button on its download page. Next, click Firefox and choose ‘Add-ons’.


Click ‘Extensions’ from the left-pane and hit the ‘Options’ button of Download Panel Tweaks extension.


You will find in its default configuration, the add-on applies the following changes:

  • Increases the number of displayed download items to 10 instead of 3. Normally, the panel displays 2-3 downloads (recent). You have to always switch to ‘Library’ window to see more in the list. The extension cuts short this lengthy process as it allows you to view older downloads right from inside the panel. Just choose the entries from ‘Max download items to display’ category.

show downloads

  • Reduces the height of non-active download entries.
  • Makes Ctrl+J toggle the panel rather than load the Library.
  • Changes the time remaining format to “12:42” instead of “12 minutes, 42 seconds”.
  • Rearranges the status line in the panel to include the download speed.


Apart from this, it can do the following,

  • Limit the height of the panel (using CSS lengths such as “600px”)
  • Alter the panel style to have a white background and square corners.
  • Disable the big green alert arrow that shows when starting and stopping downloads and more

Download Panel TweaksDownload Page.

Have a look at Configuration Mania too.

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