Download Miro: An open source Internet Television and Media Player

Previously known as Democracy Player or DTV, Miro is an open source television application and a media player, written in Python for the Microsoft Windows platform, Mac OS X and UNIX platform. The software supports more than 40 languages and supports widely used video and audio formats and also offer HD quality.  It is a combo of an Internet Television and a Media Player.


Miro automatically downloads video from RSS-Based channels and it also manages them and plays them. It is designed to connect with other PCF products such as Video Bomb and Channel Channel; Video Bomb is a social tagging video website and Channel Channel is a TV guide for internet television.

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The channel guide in Miro has over 600 channels including podcasts and video clips You can also add your own podcast by entering the URL. It also includes video search for YouTube, Google  and Yahoo.

Miro integrates as:

  • An RSS aggregator
  • BitTorrent client based on Libtorrent
  • A Media Player :
    • VLC Media Player under Windows
    • QuickTime under Mac OS X
    • Xine or GStreamer under Linux

You can also add a bookmark of website under the sites category. Miro supports a large variety of Video Files such as:

  • Quick Time
  • WMV
  • MPEG
  • AVI
  • XVID
  • And many more…

When a new video is available on the RSS channel added in the software, it will inform you and will download if possible. In Miro 4.0 you can also manage and purchase your music.


Miro’s GUI is very good looking and is very easy to use, it is user friendly application and you can have access to its all function without any problem.


You can download Miro for windows by clicking here.

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