Mikogo: Free web conferencing tool for Windows

Want a free tool by which you can hold a text conference and share files fast with your friends? Then Mikogo is perfect. Mikogo doesn’t need any login details or any sign ups – simply download and start using it. You just need to give your session number to anyone and you can hold a conference, without any logins and signups.

Mikogo web conferencing tool


You can hold a conference with a social network, but it requires a login, but some of your friends might not have a login for that particular website. But Mikago does not require a login. You can even manually add some people to your session by just clicking on the Add friend button at the bottom left of the interface. You can mail your session details to anyone from the program itself only. And copy your session details from the same button.

Mikogo web conferencing tool

You can select the type of session you want, select between “Standard Profile” and “Support” and also select the people from the list to whom you want to send messages and files.

You can even Lock and Pause your session using the two buttons at the top. You can check the Create Session Log check box if you want a log after your session.

The tool also allows you to share your screen and have a remote desktop connection in the support profile.

As it is a tool meant for the conference, it has very cool emoticons that are really useful while conferencing between your friends and persons at your work.  Some of the emoticons are “I agree”, I do not agree”, “Faster Please”, “Slower Please”, “ I am satisfied”, “I am unsatisfied” and a lot more.

You can even change your name and keep a different one for every session.

The speed of the program is awesome, and so is the interface. It is very easy to use, and I would say a user-friendly interface, with some animations. You can see those animations when you minimize or maximize Mikogo to the taskbar. It has many more features, and you will get to know them when you start using the application.


I would say it is a great free tool by which you can organize a text conference and share some files without any sign-up or login. The free version is for non-commercial use only. For commercial purposes, you have to purchase a business license.

Click here to download Mikogo.

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  1. Janet Fung

    Good free software for personal use. But if you look for a more solid solution for business, check GoMeetNow (http://www.gomeetnow.com/)

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