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Download international hit Catapult King from Windows Store

International #1 Hit “Catapult King” is available on Windows Store. Slingshot games have always been very popular among the gamers and Catapult King is currently the leading one. After being available for Android and iOS platforms for a while the internationally hit game is now available for the Windows users too.

Catapult King for Windows PC

The game is all about rescuing a princess who is abducted in some castle by dragons. The Catapult King here fights from dragon as well as the nasty Knights who are helping the dragon to keep the princess enslaved.

This is a 3D physics puzzler game which comes with wonderful graphics and vibrant colors. Players become the Catapult King in the game and shoot slingshot missiles to at dragon and its knights to rescue the princess. There are tons of graphic attractions and more than 100 fun challenging levels where the players can use various magic power-ups to use the huge arsenal cannonball to crush the castle of fire-breathing dragon and rescue the princess.

Catapult King is a nicely designed game which first takes you to an animated story showing how the dragon abducts the beautiful princess. The game then takes you to the play directly where the player is on a rescue mission for the princess and cross various levels and fight the knights to reach the castle first and then fight the evil dragon and take the beautiful princess back.

You can download the game from Windows Store for $0.99. Trial version is also available.

Catapult King for Windows Phone

You can now download the game on your Windows Phone and become a Catapult King. Start using the Catapult and take down the dragon’s castles with various power-ups. Crush the castle, kill the scary knights and take away the beautiful princess kidnapped by the wicked dragon. The wonderful 3D graphics of the game will take you to the animated adventurous world.

The game works with Windows Phone 8.1 and comes in a 32mb size file. You can download it from Windows Phone Store at $0.99 or can first take the trial version.

There are three power-ups in the game-

You can win the power-ups buy completing different levels and activate them by tapping the screen of by hitting the particular structure of the powers. When you pause the game, you can see a Menu which will give you an access to the available game enhancements. The game also offers some in-app purchase where you can buy some magic and the chance to start your gameplay from the existing level.

Catapult games have always been loved by the gamers and the popularity of “Angry birds” proves so. If you are an angry bird lover, you will definitely like this new game addition in the Windows Store.