Download Free Vector Clocks for your Windows 7 desktop

Tired of the default clock in Windows 7 ? If so, you should definitely try these free Vector Clocks for your Windows desktop!

Vector Clocks is a collection of 10 clocks, all of them are unique and look amazing on the desktop. These clocks have a scalable interface which can be freely sized and placed anywhere on your desktop. They are portable.

There are loads of changes you can make to the clocks, like you can change the transparency, rotate them, change shadow colors, set alarms and loads of other modifications can be made. Simply right click on the clocks and do so via settings.

The clocks are portable and do not require an install. You can download the clocks separately or all together as a single installer package.

Do note that the single installer package comes with a pre-checked option to install bundled software. You may want to un-check that option.

I installed and tried out the Roman Gears Vector Clock on my Windows 7 desktop and it looked pretty cool!

Download page: Vector Clocks.

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  1. Mariusz

    Nie dzia?a pod Win7 x64 🙁

  2. RigvedS@TWC

    @ Mariusz – to nie dzia?a na Windows 7 x64, zainstalowa?em go na tej samej

  3. Ed

    Great idea and software however I do not see how to export a custom made clock with their designer software for use of clocks on other computers .

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