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Download Family Online Safety Tips brochure from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a brochure on Family Safety, with online safety tips to help keep families safer online. The download offers safety tips for Windows 7, Windows Live, XBOX, Zune & Media Room users.

Family Online Safety Tips

This chart may help you decide which settings are right for your family.

The Xbox Live Code of Conduct provides guidelines or safe and respectful online gaming. You may want to check them out here.

When it comes to children’s safety online, there’s no substitute for parental supervision and guidance!

To help parents, Microsoft has built family safety tools into a wide range of our products and services. Use them to keep track of what kids are seeing, hearing, and doing online.

The tools also let you modify restrictions based on reports of actual activity so you can have informed discussions with kids about how they use the Internet.

Download: Family Online Safety Tips brochure.