Download Emsisoft Online Armor 5.0; includes over 400 improvements

With Online Armor 5.0, Emsisoft introduces the next major release of the popular Windows Firewall, which is available in a Freeware version and two different shareware versions. Version 5.0 of the PC security solution has a completely reworked user interface and a new File & Registry Shield security feature. Over 400 improvements in various details have been implemented directly as a result of customer feedback.

A Firewall keeps a constant eye on the data traffic of your computer and only allows Internet and local network connections for authorized programs and processes.

Emsisoft Online Armor is available in three versions:

Online Armor Free can be used completely free of charge. The program provides a strong Firewall and comprehensive Web protection. The Freeware version also detects Keyloggers and offers several protection routines to protect the Firewall itself from manipulation. Online Armor Premium and Online Armor ++ have additional features.

The latest version of the Firewall provides an important new protection feature, a completely reworked user interface and over 400 improvements. Here are the changes in detail:

New user interface: Version 5.0 of the Firewall has a completely reworked user interface. This is oriented on the design of the other Emsisoft products. In addition to creating a unified product appearance for Emsisoft programs, the aim was also to greatly simplify the operating concept. The opportunity was also taken to improve the readability of the alert window messages displayed directly above the Taskbar System Tray when an alert is generated.

File & Registry Shield: Online Armor 5.0 now also protects particular files, folders and Registry keys from being changed. A rule system based on trust-level settings exactly defines the programs that have full access, partial access or no access to the protected areas. This provides special protection to the user against Ransomware attacks, where important documents are encrypted and ransom money is demanded for the encryption key.

Improved self-protection: The program offers improved self-protection on x86 and x64 systems and is now better protected against manipulation by damaging programs and Hackers.

Alerts in the case of suspicious program paths: A new feature is the Guard module that checks and blocks suspicious file paths such as double file suffixes, which are still very commonly used in email attachments (e.g. *.pdf.exe or *.doc.exe), Unicode paths (characters that appear similar) and supposed system files that are actually in the wrong location.

Features in the freeware version:

  • Online Banking Mode
  • Antivirus and Antimalware
  • Rootkit Scanner
  • Kernel Mode Security
  • Manual Updates
  • Web Shield
  • File/Registry Shield
  • Phishing Filter
  • Execution Protection
  • Termination Protection
  • Autostart Protection
  • Standard Mode Firewall
  • Standard Mode
  • Advanced Mode
  • Keylogger Detection
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Tamper Protection
  • DNS Spoofing Protection
  • Support
  • Script/Worm protection
  • Program Guard

The one’s which have been scratched out are available in the shareware versions.

Emsisoft worked very closely with the user community. As a result of direct customer feedback, over 400 improvements in various details compared to Version 4.5 have been made, said Thomas Guenther, Head of PR and Marketing, Emsi Software GmbH.

The new Freeware version (21 MB) along with the other versions are now available at the download page.

The program can be used on Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), Windows Vista SP2 (32 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit).

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