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The battle between Microsoft and Google will shape how our society makes use of technology, computing, and information.

google vs microsoft

It will determine which firm will shape and control the future of computing, and ultimately profit from it. This face-off pits a world of computing which the operating system serves as the centerpiece of computing capabilities delivered on a computer, against a new one in which the network delivers information and computational applications to many different devices.

Microsoft’s dominance of the existing world is threatened by Google and other firms whose technologies make the operating system dispensable.

Simultaneously, Google has demonstrated search advertising as the place to make big profits on the Internet, making it imperative for Microsoft to challenge Google’s dominance in this arena.

“It has been a hot summer in the IT industry. First, Microsoft, the industry giant in computer operating systems and office productivity software, launched its new search engine, Bing. Bing initially won Microsoft some positive acclaim in its long-running e ort to challenge Google’s dominant role in search advertising. Soon after that, Microsoft found success in another long-running e ort, signing a 10-year alliance with Yahoo! The deal gave Microsoft substantial property rights on Yahoo!’s search advertising technologies.

Google, the search engine giant wasn’t sitting idle. Google lobbed another shell into the world of operating systems, the new version of its Chrome Web browser fi rst introduced in 2008.

Chrome is actually a mini-operating system, a feature that can motivate software developers to write applications that run inside Chrome (rather than on Windows). This can eventually convince end- users to buy network computers or low-cost netbooks that have no need either for the Windows operating system or for Microsoft Office. This ongoing battle between Microsoft and Google will determine how our society makes use of technology, computing, and information, and which company reaps big rewards in the IT industry.”

Read and download the full working paper by Hemant K Bhargava,  University of California, Davis.

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