Download consumer brochure, Defend Your Computer, from Microsoft


  1. Wow! At first glance at this headline in my RSS reader I thought you were telling us to defend our computers from Microsoft! I’m glad I clicked through and read the article….

  2. You title sounds like you are trying to learn how to protect your computer FROM Microsoft, not a set of instructions BY Microsoft.

  3. The title of this story caught my attention
    because at first reading this would be a guide
    for a Linux,Apple or Solaris user
    to protect or defend your system from Microsoft.
    It was not until I read the full description that was meant was a guide
    to protecting your system and it is provided by Microsoft.

    English is a really fun language what you say or write maybe logical at first reading but from another persons reading it becomes non logical.
    lol on fixing this posting 🙂

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