Download over 100 Ready-to-use Windows 7 desktop shortcuts


  1. Man that is a lot of shortcuts, a lot which are good, but to many shortcuts on the desktop will create huge amount of clutter. I thought the goal nowadays was to be simple and clean like is.

    Nonetheless, this is cool to have if you have users that ask you to create a shortcut for everything.

  2. You may try this, this is what I usually do. The 99 desktop shortcuts are already defined and placed into separate folders. Leave the shortcuts this way and then what I do is on my ‘task bar/quick launch’ I have another toolbar called “Desktop” and when I click the double arrows to the right of the word Desktop on the ‘task bar/quick launch’ it shows me all the shortcuts that appear on my desktop, or for that matter, whatever, I have on the desktop. Since the 99 shortcuts are in separate folders, I highlight their folder, and it slides open to show me the shortcut. Hope this may help out with the cluttering of the desktop.

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