Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7


  1. A little tip: 7/8 drivers are cross compatible for the most part, much in the way Vista/7 were. The difference, however, is that the Vista/7 driver compatibility was nearly 100%. THe majority of 8 drivers will work on 7, but you may run into quirks.

    Example: For testing purposes, I installed Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 12. All the drivers installed just fine, and everything worked, but the touchscreen driver was ever-so-slightly not working right. It installed, registered touches, but it would never, ever calibrate correctly. Half the screen would not register touches, the other half was off by a few inches. If you try to calibrate, you can’t finish because it’s not registering that other half of the screen’s touches. Of course this is a result of using an 8 driver on 7, but given the nature of the device(multitouch digitizer), it’s not surprising. More basic device like the audio, LAN, wifi, video, will work like a charm with 8 drivers in Win7, if no *official* 7 drivers are available.

    If you’re going the desktop or regular laptop route, don’t fret. You should be good to go.

  2. You should be able to downgrade without any issue and use the same drivers on the website of the manufacturer that are normally compatible with Vista and Windows 7. My only suggestion is to really buy a complete installation CD with Windows 7 and perform a fresh installation after having (of course) saved your data.

  3. W8 drove me to go to Apple. Gates must be a fucking pompous ass to force W8 down consumers throats on all new PC purchases without the option of W7. Fuck Gates

    Happy new Apple Owner.

  4. Gates hasn’t worked at Microsoft for years, so you really can’t blame him. This article describes how to install Windows 7 with your Windows 8 key, so no one is forcing you to stick with Windows 8.

    You know what? You should definitely stick with Apple.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. He pulled another ‘Vista” debacle on us after redeeming himself with win 7. Bill Gates is the Antichrist. I hate Windows 8.

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