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DLL orphans: Remove orphaned dll files in Windows

In Windows, when you uninstall programs, sometimes improperly, some dll’s or the shared dll files, may be left behind. Such left-behind entries in the Windows Registry and such orphaned dll files, can bloat the registry and occupy disk space.

While I may not recommend this exercise, there are some who are curious to know what are orphaned dll’s and how to remove such dll orphans. This post is meant for such geeks.

DLL orphans

There are two free utilities that can help you identify such dll orphans and help you remove them. !

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Dll Orphans will search your computer for a list of files that are not being used along with Registry Entries for files that are no longer valid. these can be backed up and then maybe when you are sure, removed. You can download it here.

Archive dll helps scan system directory for orphaned dll’s. Iit identifies dll’s with ZERO hits. These can be archived
or removed later on, once you are sure. You can download it here.

NOTE: If at all you do decide to try this out,  you should first read their Help or Read-Me files first, create a system restore point and then check each entry individually before deciding to delete the dll file. Andf you ask me, its best to leave the Microsoft entries, as it is.

If you are looking for more information, you can download this PDF from TechSupportAlert.

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