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Display Driver Uninstaller: AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA Driver removal tool for Windows

Display Driver Uninstaller is a lightweight and portable software that helps you to uninstall and remove AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA drivers and packages completely from the Windows system. Removing these drivers is just a matter of few clicks with this software. The action from driver removal utility is immediate – so you won’t have to wait long to see NVIDIA, INTEL, AMD drivers getting uninstall and removed from your system. The interface of this application is straightforward and manageable too!

This freeware can be pretty useful if you want to uninstall a driver completely if your efforts at troubleshooting failed display driver installations do not succeed.

Display Driver Uninstaller foe Windows

How to use Display Driver Uninstaller

Display Driver Uninstaller is simple to use and has no complicated setting and configuration parameters. Before running the executable file you should know that the tool can be used in the normal mode, but for full stability you should prefer a Safe Mode to run the application. Also, it is always preferable to take the backup or a system restore before running the application so that if something wrong happens then it can be recovered easily.

You need to download the software from its website. After downloading, click on the DDU icon to run it in the safe mode.

Completely uninstall AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA drivers

After running the application you need to select the graphic driver from the drop-down options. You will see options to uninstall NVIDIA, INTEL, AMD drivers. At the time of selecting the driver that you need to uninstall, you can select whether you want to restart the PC or not or you need to shut it down completely.

Display Driver Uninstaller works very quickly to perform its function. You can use Windows Control panel to uninstall the drivers, but this driver removal utility for windows will help you in that case where your standard driver uninstall fails.

Features of Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

Some of the features of Display Driver Uninstaller  are as follows:


There are few requirements that one should fulfill in order to use this driver removal utility for Windows. These are as follows:

Click here to download the latest version from its home page. The total size of the this freeware software is 1140 KB which will take a few minutes to download. NOTE: Some antivirus software may mark it as malware, but it is a false positive – but you may use your discretion and then decide whether you want to use it or not.

See this if you receive a Display driver stopped responding and has recovered message.