Disable your Windows 7 & Vista Sidebar & Gadgets, if you havent!


  1. I have to say what a load off rubbish i have never heard or seen a problem or had one and every PC/Laptop were i work use the sidebar gadgets

  2. I agree what a load of rubbish: I have been running the sidebar gadgets on Windows Vista through Windows 7 without any problems for years now.

  3. Discussed this with expert Win7 user, he confirmed my thoughts: 1. Don’t use Sidebar. 2. Standard Win7 gadgets such as the Calendar should be OK — just don’t load any alleged “upgrades”. 3. The problem is mainly with non-MS (third party) gadgets. Don’t load them, and if you have any get rid of them.

  4. I rely on my gadgets for system monitoring, ISP internet usage, time zones among other things. I won’t be disabling them. In fact, I have enabled gadgets in Windows 8 as well.
    I trust my Internet Security Suite to minimise the risks.

  5. If this is such a problem, why aren’t there articles flooding the airwaves about people’s identities being stolen and their computers taken over? I couldn’t help but notice that this story hit the news in July 2012, there’s a trickle of news items in August-September, then it’s all just totally died. Everybody I know uses gadgets and nobody has had any problems.

    This isn’t a security issue, it’s a marketing decision by Microsoft.

  6. This is total garbage. Using Microsoft’s “logic” everybody needs to quit surfing the internet because you might hit a malicious website that installs tracking cookies and malware.

    The part that really kills me is how supposedly competent computer security types have swallowed this non-issue hook, line, and sinker. In doing so, they’ve made themselves marketing hacks doing free work for Microsoft. What a joke.

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