How to enable or disable SSID Broadcast on Wi-Fi Router


  1. Do you seriously believe what you wrote above…???

    If so, then you really need to learn more about WLAN…
    What you posted above is BS.

    It is a wellknown fact that “hiding” the SSID does not protect your network from detection.

  2. yes i think someone better google

    The 6 dumbest ways to secure a wireless Lan

    its a very old blog that was originally done on ZDNET some 10 or more years ago

    give you a guess what the second dumbest way is

    even promoting the use of hidden SSID is crazy in this day and age as its useless as any form of security measure and just a hindrance to anyone that has to admin the router with ppl complaining they cant connect

    you assertion that its not difficult to get hacked these days is just wrong , with wireless security set to wpa2 with aes and a good long non dictionary passphrase why would anyone bother and hiding ssid aint going to slow them down at all

    if your going to make claims plz at least get them technically correct

    you would be far better warning ppl about WPS and being hack if that is left on with a pin number ( as opposed to push button WPS

    pete y testing

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