How to disable Facebook Notifications in Chrome on Windows Desktop


  1. I am glad this gives me a chance to comment. I have done as instructed many times. The facebook notification persists. It notifies in my phone, on my computer, on the facebook page to block me when I try to write. It is extremely infuriating. I cannot stop it, disable it, delete it or anything. The only way to avoid this harassment is to log out of facebook, or completely get rid of it.

  2. On the phone, I use the fb app very rarely. I use chrome browser to look at FB.
    When those rare occasions I use the app, I have to Log Off entirely, Or go to settings – apps and force FB to close. FB app, like so many others now, is very invasive.

  3. This did not work at all. I disabled them on Facebook itself too and still get the annoying pop up notifications.

  4. Does not help. No Javascript section or a Notification section with the regular or advanced settings of chrome visible on this machine….

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