Difference between Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and in Windows Phone 8

Prior to the release of latest Windows mobile OS – Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has detailed the key differences between the company’s web browser for PC-based Windows 8 OS and its upcoming version for mobile OS – Windows Phone 8. While writing a post on its developer blog, Microsoft principal program manager lead said that although both versions share many similar features, the IE 10 web browser is not identical, on the mobile or PC systems.

Difference between Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and in Windows Phone 8

The Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone 8 does not include support for inline video. It has no ActiveX or VBScript support, no multi-track HTML5 audio, and no use of file access APIs. Drag and drop APIs and ‘open a new window to’ option too has also been excluded. These features are only noted in Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 OS i.e. PC-based Windows 8.

Apart from this, the mobile version also doesn’t support a number of Windows 8 specific IE 10 features such as pinned website icons, linked previews and a way to connect websites to apps.

The core rendering is the same, meaning the HTML5-based Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 8 runs smoothly on Windows Phone 8 devices just like its other version does on laptops. The browser in addition to providing speed, fluidity and touch optimization gives an overall boost to hardware performance.

Windows Phone 8 Internet Explorer is capable of handling effects such as 3D transforms, shadows for both text and boxes in websites and support for more fonts, including TypeKit from Adobe. CSS3 support has also been included for creating beautiful experiences.

Internet Explorer 10 in Windows Phone 8 has a large number of features specifically designed to provide that clean, fresh look without the need of CSS and HTML ninja skills.

  • Multiple columns
  • Positioned floats
  • CSS Regions
  • Grid layout
  • Device adaptation
  • Flexible box

You can read the full details at The Windows Blog

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