Difference between Windows Desktop Gadgets and SideShow Gadgets


  1. This did NOT answer the question.
    As a USER I want to know the difference between a “Desktop” gadget and a “Sideshow” gadget.

  2. Totally agree with comment above. I am none the wiser for your ‘explanation’. Please give examples of some ‘Windows compatible SideShow devices’ and how they interact with SideShow gadgets. BE SPECIFIC. Using vague generalities to explain vague jargon…well, that does not help me down here on Planet Earth.

  3. I noticed the existence of Windows Sideshow when I did my usual as of 2015, killing Desktop Gadgets in the Registry on any new system, now that they have been proven to be a SECURITY HOLE in Windows.

    Then I decided to check GPEdit.msc directly, and no Sidebar, just SideSHOW! And so I found this article and must disagree. This article makes it clear for me, how Sideshow and Sidebar (which apparently both have “Gadgets”) are different. Sidebar is on the same local hardware. Sideshow runs

    a variety of auxiliary display devices connected to the main PC


    That Windows Desktop Gadgets, which is a function of Sidebar, is a major vulnerability in Windows computers, is not only “Well Known” it is OLD NEWS as of this post January 29, 2016. This is a very important SECURITY issue and Microsoft has issued both a “fix” and instructions.

    I have no idea whether the same is true for Sideshow and/or Sideshow Gadgets.
    I also wonder if Sideshow has any interaction with Intel’s WiDi (Wireless Display). I expect to find out tomorrow.

  4. either your laptop already has or you need a special display in/on your desktop chassis to see sideshow gadgets…

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