Device Health update for Windows 8.1

Microsoft has updated and released Device Health update for Windows 8.1. Cybercrime is on the rise and this update aims to improve online security when you operate Banking and other Financial accounts. This update will help will monitor and check your computers security status before letting you to carry out sensitive banking and financial transactions online.

Device Health for Windows 8

After you install Device Health, when you go on to log in to your Banking or other sensitive account, if the web page finds that your device is insecure, it will warn you first, before allowing you to log in and start transacting. The Banking or Financial institution would however have to be a part of this program. This is just another way that shows how businesses and customers can work together to monitor the health of the customers devices – which represents one aspect of collective defense against online theft.

Device Health is a Window service that provides devices’ health information. When you install this software, you are encouraged to adopt secure software usage practices. This makes sure that the certified e-commerce and online banking partners can provide better protection, based on the information received from Device Health.

Let us say, you open your Windows 8 laptop and enter your credentials to log into your Banking website.

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If the web page finds that your computer is insecure or compromised, it will warn you. It will also suggest steps you need to take.

Device Health update for Windows 8

To install Device Health update, open your Control Panel and click on Windows Update. Click on the Check for Updates link. If it is available for your device and operating system, you will see it offered under Install Optional Updates. Select it and click on Install. If you need to uninstall it anytime, you can do it via the Control Panel Uninstall a program applet.

For more information, you can visit KB2938861.

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