Device Cleanup Tool: Remove all non-present devices from Windows PC


  1. Thanks. The Device Cleanup Tool is a handy tool. Unfortunately though, the Device Remover page is unavailable.

    Do you have another link for it?

  2. How can I know if I am deleting some drivers that i DO need indeed?

    I think this is a pretty dangerous (or tedious, in case you have to recover the driver, not always easy) for dummies so…. in mi case for example it shows more than 600 !!

  3. Anyone know why Device cleanup tool would say (restricted) at the top and not allow one to remove non-present devices?

  4. If I sort by last used, it says the oldest are only 6 hours old. That’s total BS as this is a custom built PC I’ve been building & working on for ~6 YEARS.

  5. As stated this is based on “the ‘last used’ time comes from the write time of the device’s registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnu” as stated above.
    The time was likely incorrect on your system when those devices were first connected but at any rate that’s a OS problem and not a problem with the application.

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