Developers say Windows Phone 7 developement is easier than Android

At an event held by GDGT for all the techies and the developers at Seattle, developers were requested to bring their Windows Phone XAPs so that the developers can deploy their code on the devices at the Event.

After the Event Anand Iyer, Product Manager for Windows Phone 7, posted a video featuring a developer who deployed his code on the Windows Phone 7 device at the event.

In the video the developer talks about the ease and the pace of the Windows Phone 7 development environment and he also compared it with  a similar Android application he was trying to develop for which he spent the past 2  weeks.

So that’s yet another reason for the developers  to move their focus  towards the Windows Phone 7 platform  and start building some interesting applications for this new platform. This video will surely clear the air for those developers  who still are in a dilemma about the Windows Phone 7 development.

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