Add sidebar and gadgets with Desktop Sidebar for Windows 10/8/7

There is a beautiful element in Windows 7, which is called Desktop Gadgets. It helps users to add a clock, calendar, slideshow etc. Although, Microsoft excluded them later on for security reasons. Among the several Sidebar software available, there is one, which is worth looking at and that is Desktop Sidebar. It will let you add sidebar with gadgets in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP.

With the help of Desktop Sidebar, you can put some useful gadgets or apps like Outlook, Calendar, Notes, Tasks etc. in the sidebar. Unlike Windows 7’s desktop gadget, you can get this sidebar anywhere. It will actually divide your screen into two parts and one of them will be used to show the gadgets.

Desktop Sidebar for Windows 10

In terms of user interface, it is not very neat and clean. This is because of having so many gadgets under one roof. However, the most interesting feature of Desktop Sidebar is you can customize it according to your wallpaper or theme. Although, it comes with limited inbuilt themes, the collection is pretty good.

It is not too complicated to start using Desktop Sidebar in any Windows version. To get started with this tool, at first, download and install it. After opening it, you will see a sidebar like this:

Desktop Sidebar for Windows 10

By default, you can find weather report (if you location is ON), slideshow, newsroom, Outlook, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, CPU/RAM usage and a search box. As it has a section called Outlook, you must have Outlook on your PC, otherwise, it won’t work.

On the other hand, you will get the weather report from Generally, it shows Microsoft related news. But, sometimes, you can find other business news too. The most important thing is the Quick Launch section of Desktop Sidebar, where you can pin most used apps like any browser, notepad etc.

If you want to add or remove any panel from the default Desktop Sidebar list, you need to follow these steps.

Remove Panel

To remove any unnecessary panel from this sidebar, just right click on that panel and select Remove Panel.

Add sidebar with gadgets in Windows using Desktop Sidebar

It is as simple as that.

Add New Panel

To add any new panel in the sidebar, right/left click on the Sidebar text and select Add Panel. Here, you can find a window like this,

Add sidebar with gadgets in Windows using Desktop Sidebar

Now, just select a panel and hit the Add button.

That’s it!

If you like, you can download Desktop Sidebar from here.

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