Dell XPS 14z: Review, Tech Specs, Price – Comparison with MacBook Pro


  1. meh… even with a well-regarded LG Shuriken 1366×768 LCD, I won’t go for the XPS 14z for the same reason I’ve not gone for a 13 inch MBP = no high-res display (even as an option)
    Not being a fan of Sony VAIO SA, the ASUS Zenbook UX31 and 14 inch Samsung Series 7 with their 1600×900 screens are the first Ultrabook-type units I’ve seen that interest me.

  2. Because of the sizes of the screens there will be no noticeable difference to the naked eye between resolutions.

  3. Not sure what you’re trying to say… I wasn’t comparing/contrasting the XPS 14z vs MBP screens – neither are what is commonly considered high-res. If you’re trying to tell me just by virtue of display size Dell has somehow made 1366×768 magically appear as 1600×900… sorry, I don’t buy it.

  4. Surely the Dell XPS 14z. The problem with macbook pro is the difficulty in getting compatible programs to run in Mac OX S Lion especially here in Africa. With windows and the slick design of the Dell xps 14z I wont miss Macbook whatever.

  5. i like apple better and dell has alot of problems while apple has a better screen resolution if you see it

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