Delete junk temporary files & de-clutter Google Drive storage with GiveMeSomeSpace

Google Drive allows users to add important files from their PC and sync with other devices. But sorting through the drive to remove or eliminate unwanted material can be quite a task. GiveMeSomeSpace is a simple app to help you tidy up the clutter from your Google Drive and synced devices.

Remove clutter from Google Drive

There are dozens of little things this nifty web app can do to clean up your virtual closet. Here are five ways via which it helps to keep your Google Drive account clutter free.

  1. Displays a summary of your Google Drive usage
  2. Trashes junk Word files
  3. Cleans interrupted downloads
  4. Cleans junk files from your G-Drive
  5. Empties your trash.

A good feature of this app is that it does not require you to download any files or folders – it is a web app. Simply enter your Google Account details to allow the app to access your Google Drive and do the job for you.

1] Displays a summary of your Google Drive usage

Remove clutter from Google Drive

This tab gives general info about your Google Drive. For instance, it displays the total capacity available, capacity utilized, and the trash size created.

Here, you can also find the files that are consuming the most space in your G-drive.

2] Trashes junk Word files created in Google Drive

You can remove Microsoft Word temporary files with names like ~WRL1199.tmp or ~$etingSummary.docxthose from your Google Drive in a few clicks. Simply locate and press the ‘Trash MS Word Unnecessary Files Now’ tab.

3] Cleans G-DRive interrupted downloads

Whenever you download files via Chrome browser and the download is interrupted somehow, you end up with some big, useless files being pushed to your hard drive. These files can be easily identified as they have .crdownload extension. They also unknowingly get copied into your Google Drive and synced to your other devices. To remove them in a few clicks, hit ‘Trash.CRDOWNLOAD Unnecessary Files Now’ tab.

4] Cleans junk files from your G-Drive

Several types of junk files with .log, .tmp, .chk, .wbk, .dmp and .crdownload extension can be readily removed from your Google Drive via ‘Trash Junk Files Now’ button.


Lastly, there’s an ‘Empty G-Drive Trash Now’ option to help you reclaim storage space by emptying Google Drive’s trash in one click.

Visit GiveMeSomeSpace

Thus, in a few simple steps, you can organize your messy Google Drive. Visit to get started. You have to be signed in with your Google account and give permission to them to get started.

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